Stacey B & The Husband Podcast on Tonight’s Episode

If you have a few minutes to burn, hear Stacey B and The Husband’s thoughts on tonight’s upcoming episode and the “mystery” guest which is not a mystery anymore.

You can also follow Stacey at @FreeStacey B as she will be sharing some live tweets during the show.  Click here: Stacey’s Twitter Page




  1. You guys are great.
    Next time, FACE time, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. If it wasn't 20 degrees out and we hadn't been wearing wool hats that gave us hat hair, we might have been more willing to show our faces. Next time! Thanks for listening!

  3. I loved hearing the great banter style you & The Husband have with each other! I was caught off guard by the music intro- I had the volume up loud to hear your voices…Yikes! Nice job of slipping in Shantel's name about her being in the wedding & not yet not spoiling the show for us! I follow Bonnie Hunt's Mom, Alice on Twitter & SHE tweeted about The Bachelor tonight! So funny who is drawn to watch, huh?

  4. I dont care what you look like…I need to see your faces and great expressions!!!!!

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