Ryan P & Jake the Fake: Lost Twins?

Ryan P was one of my favorite candidates for Ashley the first couple of weeks, but I found his behavior on the orphanage date reminding me of a certain past Bachelor contestant.  Did anyone else have flashbacks of Jake Pavelka whenever Ryan spoke or tried to defend himself?  


  1. girls with a stethoscope says:

    exactly what I was thinking tonight

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm… Yes and No. Ryan is a bit more feisty. I doubt Jake would ever have the guts to do what Ryan did or go on a rant about the guys. I feel like Ryan has a type A personality – on steroids.

    Anyway, I just found the whole Ryan drama so forced. Did they really have nothing better on film to show? No wonder people are hoping for Bentley to come back.

  3. Can't the writers/producers come up with a different plot? Other than "he/she is here for the wrong reasons?" What a snoozefest! Any of the readers of any of these blogs could certainly come up with a new idea.

  4. Ryan came across as mega-obnoxious last night, IMHO

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