Long Lost Twins???

Commentary to follow tomorrow night, but just needed to take a second to state how much Emily from this season’s Bachelor looks like Holly Madison.  If Emily doesn’t make it as Brad’s wife, she can certainly earn a living as a model or Holly Madison impersonator.  Pretty crazy resemblance. Even their teeth match. 



  1. Awe she's absolutely my FAVORITE!! I'm totally rooting for Emily

  2. My husband pointed out that she was engaged to the son of Rick Hendrix Motorsports…. the Nascar family that suffered multiple losses in that plane wreck. And it makes sense because her little girl is named Ricky. Not sure if this is true, but maybe you can confirm it.

  3. http://blogs.babble.com/famecrawler/2011/01/04/ricky-hendrick-late-nascar-driver-emily-bachelor-fiance/

    here's someone who wrote about her…. So sad… I think she could go all the way… then not get picked and be the next bachelorette…. ??? wdyt?
    the whole preview makes it seem like brad is the one who ends up with a broken heart but then again… those crazy twists – you can't trust the previews!!

  4. My Early Favorites: Chantal and Emily. And what's up with the vampire girl? Jeez. Do they REALLY think a guy like Brad would go for her? And does she know how ridiculous she looks? You can totally tell that they are fake teeth, she has trouble talking and smiling and keeping them in place. As for the "reunion" with DeAnna and Jenni – what a waste of time. Matter of fact, there was a LOT of wasted time last night, but there always is on this show. That't the most irritating thing to me — to much "teasing" and too much repeating what's already been shown. Get on with it already!!! Ok, that's my vent for today. :)

  5. Grandpa Ryan Max says:

    Maybe because I have this cold for the last 10 days, that I can't seem to get rid of. Or maybe because i missed the first 30 minutes, because I don't know how to work my DVD, or CD, or whatever you call it, I just thought this was the worst opening show.
    The Bachelorettes are usually madly in love on their way to say hello to The Bachelor, whoever The Bachelor is. Not so last night. The ladies, many of them, seemed skeptical, and rightly so. But, that means the ladies were actually thinking, using their brains. This is a new concept for the program. This show is a cartoon, when it is working well. If they start to cross-examine Brad, than we would have a different show, and not nearly as enjoyable.
    No ages of the ladies were shown as they stepped out of the limo. One lady said she was 24, isn't Brad, 38 years old?
    My opinion of the 1st show: Silly, and a waste of time.
    Stacey, I am sure you will see the better side, and I will enjoy reading you blog.

  6. The first thing I thought when Emily got out of the limo was "Holy Sh*t she looks like Holly Madison!"

  7. Grandpa Ryan Max: Cold or not, missing the first 30 minutes or not, calling this the worst opening show was spot on. Calling the show a cartoon gets you more brownie points. 14 years age difference in one case; "Hef" is 84 and is marrying a 24 year old baby; at one time think he was supposed to marry Holly Madison who's being compared to Emily.

  8. Grandpa Ryan Max says:

    Whoever wrote above me, whether male or female, I LOVE you.

  9. A smart Grandma!!

  10. Grandpa Ryan Max says:

    Dear Smart Grandma,
    My wife was away last night, helping out our daughter that has 4 THINGS, [9,7,2,2 all boys].
    Tonight she pressed the right buttons for me, and i was able to see the part of the show I missed the night before.
    That was the kind of nonsense I was craving for, that I missed in the half of the show I actually saw.
    I was afraid the show might be getting too intellectual.
    I can now look forward to next week's Bachelor.

  11. Now that you saw what you missed and are in like Flynn that the show isn't getting too intellectual, you're pleased? Silly Grandpa!! What does Grandma Max think of your interpretation that it might become too high-brow?

  12. Grandpa Ryan Max says:

    When Grandma Ryan Max awakens from her beauty sleep, I will ask her to comment.
    But, I slept good last night knowing the world of The Bachelor, is potentially just as moronic.

  13. Grandma Ryan Max says:

    You all have far too much time on your hands! It is good escapism, though!

  14. Haha love the posts above!! And glad to see that there are MEN that like to watch this mindless entertainment as well. After a long, tedious day in the office, the last thing I want to do is THINK about anything… so The Bachelor/Bachelorette fits the bill perfectly. Even though the opening show was lame, I've been hooked for years and really look forward to Monday nights!

  15. Katbyrd, I am with you on the need for mindless entertainment. The General Counsel of my company stopped by my office yesterday to say that he wanted to hear what my thoughts were on the premiere. If the General Counsel of an international bank is interested in The Bachelor, who wouldn't be??

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