Podcast IS up!!

Hello all – thanks so much for all of your encouragement and kind words. The Fiance and I recorded our first podcast of the season (sorry it took us this long!), but here it is. We attempted to answer some of your questions at the end. Please let us know if you have any additional topics you would like for us to discuss, as we are planning on doing another podcast early next week.

Find the podcast by going to this link: http://www.knottheone.com/id2.html

Go to “Links to Great Distractions” and click on “JaketheBachelorPodcast1”

Happy listening! THREE WEEKS until we leave for our wedding!



  1. You'll Wake The Baby says:

    so great that these two voices are getting hitched!! they sound so purrrfect together

  2. Grandpa Ryan Max says,
    Love your blogging and podcast.
    The Bachelor/Bachelorette is the best show ever on television.
    It is adults believing in Santa Claus, and what is wrong with that?
    I am still hoping for Ali, and in the world of make believe, anything is possible.
    Would Ali & Reid make a great couple?
    I hope you will blog and podcast your wedding, how much fun would that be?
    Why is a grandfather type so into this show?

  3. Thanks for the podcast–it was a hoot! Especially since you must be busy with all the wedding stuff. The fiance is SO much more entertaining than Jake! (you, too) I predict he'll make a better husband, too.

    And you even read my "Is Jake a virgin?" question! I'm glad the fiance got to weigh in on that one. I'm sure Jake COULD get action, but there's just something oddly naive about how he approaches the women. Maybe Jake just means "Christian" when he uses the word "values." He speaks largely in cliches, so it's hard to tell what he means half the time (I'm not sure HE knows, either).

    I loved the firetrucks; I'm in Boston, so at first I thought they were going down my street!

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