DeAnna hangs with her Ex’s new woman??

Check out this blog post that DeAnna Pappas did on It looks like DeAnna was off to Vegas last weekend (along with The Boyfriend and some of his friends) to meet up with some of the former bachelors and bachelorettes from the show. One of the pictures shows DeAnna next to Holly Durst, who is reportedly dating Jesse, DeAnna’s ex-fiance. Hmmmm. Was that an awkward moment? Do you think they’re best friends?

Check it out – her entry is from April 28, 2009.



  1. DeAnna and Holly looked so chummy together I decided to do a little investigating to see if Holly and Jesse are still together. Turns out they broke up and by the sounds of it Holly dumped him! They were probably talking dirt about him.
    Jesse was one of the people who organized the whole Vegas trip and he doesn't sound too thrilled that Deanna showed up! Haha

  2. P.S. Jesse claims he is friends with Jason and
    Molly and they are still together if
    anyone cares!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Holly dumped Jesse several weeks ago. She and DeAnna chummed up a few days later and ultimately decided to join the reunion fun in Vegas. There were no big fights or confrontations as far as we know and they didn’t team up and give him a wedgie. Vegas was big enough for the 3 of them and there was no reason why the two girls shouldn’t have seen their former cast mates and friends as well. They weren’t at any of Jesse’s planned events. If their presence in the same city made Jesse a little jumpy, maybe he had something to be jumpy about. It certainly didn’t stop some of the other Bach’ette 4 guys from hanging out with them.

  4. reality television says:

    I think Jesse is annoying. He thinks he is a celeb and he is not. Holly is way better off, and so is DeAnna.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope Holly decided it was not going to work once he must have insisted (I am guessing here) on going to the Playboy mansion event. Once I saw the pics from that outing I was done with rooting for him.Totally icky. You are right, Holly is better off without him. I like to have fun just as much as anyone, but the PLAYBOY thing? BIG MISTAKE for Jesse, in all ways, all around.

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