It’s Better With The Bachelor Ben Higgins in the Bahamas

Come at me, Bro.

Come at me, Bro.

I was so convinced that there wasn’t a new episode of The Bachelor on tonight that I planned an actual date night with The Husband. This was not a smart move. It wasn’t until the babysitter was in our living room and The Husband was flipping through the TV Guide page that he confirmed we were supposed to go to the Bahamas tonight. Panic set in. I bought tickets to surprise The Husband with a viewing of the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead at our local 92Y where a handful of our favorite cast members (Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Michone, etc.) would also be there in person to answer questions. We LOVE this show and the premiere of the second half of the season starts on Valentine’s Day, so it was perfect timing to refresh our memories on where we left off. What to do? Well, we had already shelled out money for the sitter AND the tickets, so off we went.

The biggest surprise of the night was that when we got to the theater and the lights went down – the episode before us was one that we had never seen before.The Husband whispered to me that they had tricked us and had blessed the audience with a sneak preview of the season premiere which airs this Sunday night. We were so excited to sit there, gripping our seats at all the action that went on, etc. and be “in the know” on the new season!!! It wasn’t until the episode ended, the lights came up for intermission and we pulled out our iPhones to look up what the plot was of the season finale that aired months ago that we realized that for some reason, WE HAD COMPLETELY MISSED WATCHING THE FINALE. I have no idea how we missed it on our DVR. We know the finale aired Thanksgiving weekend and it was a busy weekend, but come on! We are loyal followers of The Walking Dead and to have waited this long only to realize that we missed the mid-season finale, is just MORONIC. Imagine if you thought you had seen the finale of The Bachelor only to realize you hadn’t and then watched it on a big movie screen with the cast in front of you answer questions upon its conclusion? We were in shock!

So here it is 10:25 PM in a snowy New York City and I’m about to start watching now. Tomorrow is going to be a looooong day. Here it goes…

It’s now just under midnight, and I’ve seen it all. Talking about intellectual things is Olivia’s jam? Can we put that on a fortune cookie? She thinks that Emily’s too young for Ben and yet they’re both 23? Why do I feel just a bit of remorse that Olivia and her wide shocked facial expressions are a thing of the past? The Husband and I were wondering if she’s still on that island? If she was finally rescued, did they take her to a separate hotel to recover for the evening because it looked way too stormy for any planes to take off? Did she treat herself to a massage at a local spa? Farewell, Olivia. I’m hoping she is still working on herself and wondering where the hell things went wrong.

Other shocking moments this evening:

  • Caila’s Date. WTF? Was anyone else confused by her conflicting declarations? She feels like she loves Ben. In love with Ben? Hmmm. Love him like a teddy bear? Maybe? So she FEELS like she loves Ben but she’s not sure her brain loves Ben. Oh and there’s a chance she could break his heart. He’s not lovable and her smile is going to slay him. Caila is like a love assassin. She’s hiding confusion in that smile of hers. Still not sure where we came out of their interaction except MORE CONFUSED. Ben seems attracted to the fact that she’s not fawning all over him. That’s her secret weapon.
  • Amazing juxtaposition of Caila’s date with Leah’s growing frustrating. I mean, at the beginning of the episode, I felt that Leah had a legit gripe. How could Caila be going on her second one on one when Leah hadn’t even had a first date yet. I loved how Leah’s describing the “leap of faith” she wants to take with Ben while Ben literally is leaving off a boat, holding hands with Caila. Very symbolic.
  • Leah’s Lies. I mean, it’s one thing for a girl to sacrifice her time with The Bachelor to bash another girl. We know what happens to those girls. They obviously don’t have enough to talk about on their own and their insecurities get the best of them. Well Leah was that girl this season but what we’ve never seen: blatant lies to throw someone else under the bus. Was Leah just threatened by the obviously strong connection between Ben and Lauren B? Of course. But I don’t think we’ve seen someone actively try to sabotage one of the other relationships and then completely deny it. The girls saw right through it though. Then we got to witness Leah try to seduce Ben with a hair straightening iron and blushed cheeks. It seriously backfired. She’s gone but her mission is accomplished of planting a doubt seed about Lauren B in Ben’s brain. Question is – does she actually believe Lauren B is two-faced? Is she questioning Lauren B’s sincerity which I have done 2 or 3 episodes back? Perhaps. Guess we’ll have to see.
  • Emily’s Conquest. I LOVE that Emily got the rose on the two on one date. Mostly because Olivia used the “Love” card as a strategic device. It was almost like she was thinking of how to stick around and the “L” card was the last thing she could think of since she’s not a witty, Irish dancing, stunning, funny blonde identical twin. The only thing I couldn’t understand was why Emily did not use one of the hair ties on her wrist (she had 2 of them) to pull her hair back in the wind.
  • Pig feeding. Definitely a highlight of the episode – watching those pigs jump up on the ladies even when they tried to stop them. Do pigs naturally live in the Bahamas, near the ocean? I thought pigs live on farms? What do I know?
  • Becca’s Honesty. I hand it to Becca for being able to verbalize her insecurity about Ben’s attraction to Lauren B. Of course Ben can’t really comfort her with a “Don’t worry, I like you more,” but at least he’s gotten to the root of every girl’s problem on that group date – Ben’s showing signs of being human. FINALLY he doesn’t have the perfect thing to have at the perfect time.
  • JoJo’s falling big time. This was the first time I saw JoJo pull back. She must have felt pretty poorly about Ben’s Lauren B time. I’ve never seen JoJo afraid to tell Ben her opinion. Of course we find out later that she’s falling in love with him and is probably terrified of voicing her opinion. I hope she puts it all out there next week!
  • Favorite quote of the night goes to Olivia, “I’m not like the other girls. I don’t like to do my nails all the time.  I like to read books. I like to think.” Congrats to Olivia for enjoying the time that she thinks.

That’s all I’ve got for now. My 22 month old daughter is going to be screaming my name in exactly 6 hours, so it’s to go.

Check out tomorrow afternoon to see my opinion piece offering advice for why it’s sometimes better to be single on Valentine’s Day.

Jury is out on Lauren B still for me. I’m not going to lie…maybe Leah placed the tiniest seed of doubt in my head too. My top picks are JoJo and Becca. I don’t want Caila’s confusion to override Ben’s need for someone who will fall head over heels for him. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you love birds. Xoxo


Que Caliente! The Bachelor Heats Up His Ladies in Mexico City

Ben & Lauren H (or Ashley Tisdale sibling?)

Ben & Lauren H (or Ashley Tisdale sibling?)

My eyelids hang heavy this evening and there’s a case of rampant coxsackie making its way around my toddler’s playgroup this week, so The Husband is forcing me to go to bed in the next 10 minutes OR ELSE. He thinks sleep will give me immunity, but we all know the only thing that can ever give a person immunity is getting one of Ben’s roses. Let’s be honest, there’s no way a gentleman like Ben Higgins is going to take that fresh smelling rose away from the polished, political, large grinned Olivia.

Some very pleasant surprises this evening:

(1) I’m getting very into Haley (or is that Emily?) She made me laugh with some of her one liners. She also took one for the team this evening because we know that whomever complains to the Bachelor about another girl has committed virtual suicide in terms of her chances of ending up with the Bachelor in the end. Emily (or was it Haley?) was emotional, to the point and I think it actually did shift the Olivia momentum and at least opened Ben’s eyes to the fact that O’s O face is not as loved by everyone in the house.

(2) Amanda is just about the sweetest, most soft spoken thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m not sure that her connection with Ben can even come close to the chemistry he shares with Lauren B, JoJo or Becca, but I kind of enjoyed watching Amanda speak as I would a very cute puppy dog or squirrel. I don’t see her with Ben in the end, but I did love her reaction to Olivia’s foot-in-mouth comment “This is like an episode of ‘Teen Mom?” WHAT? Who actually says that? Good thing Olivia brought on the waterworks and the “I’m learning a lot about myself” self-hate fake cry to alleviate the awkward moment.

(3) I can’t get over The Husband’s comparison of Lauren H, the kindergarten teacher, to the lovechild of a younger Laura Dern and Ashley Tisdale.  She seems so bubbly, enthusiastic and energetic, but once again, not seeing that Ben is as into her as some of his other ladies. That walking of the runway seemed really fun and Lauren H was great! Ben has another career as a fashion model if his software career doesn’t work out.

(4) Mexico City looks really fun. I hadn’t pictured it to be so modern, but it certainly looks like “a great place to fall in love” (is there a bad place to fall in love?)

(5) I continue to be impressed with the way that Ben handles the ladies that he’s no longer interested in. Tonight, it was Jubilee and while Ben made the decision to part ways with her tonight, I was ready for her to be gone about 2 weeks back. I know she’s got lots of guards up and reasons for being guarded but I want someone for Ben that has it together enough to shower him with love, affection and confidence. Perhaps this was never the right situation for Jubilee to be herself, but then again, we also saw his other relationships advance further than the one with Jubilee. She did add a unique personality to the mix, so I’ll miss that.

(6) Ben wowed me with his continued interest in getting to know some of these ladies. The way he looked into Amanda’s soul while in a hot air balloon and held her tight. And the way he was holding Lauren H’s hand while she told him about her ex boyfriend – he like sips these ladies up like a cold beer on a hot beach. He’s absorbed by each and every one of their backstories. I can see how they’d feel like they’re each the only woman in the world.

(7) I LOVED how JoJo took Ben away to comfort him after he sent Jubilee home and was visibly upset. I really think JoJo is one of the smartest women there and she just has such an ease about her that Ben seems to pick up on. I was disappointed that he didn’t think to give JoJo the rose after she so clearly “got him” that evening.

(8) Lauren B is laying out the cards – saying she can really see a FUTURE with him (and not just marriage!). Woah, Lauren B. It’s week 5 and you’re close to dropping “L” bombs. Ben is LOVING this.

Ok, The Husband is going to pull the plug on this post. So I’ll end it here now. What did you all think? Who are your current leads? Will Leah ever get alone time with Ben or is it too late for her? Will Jennifer’s speech about giving her entire heart and soul once she’s in be enough to convince Ben to keep her around? Will Olivia swallow her rose so that Ben can’t take it away?? STAY TUNED! I guess we have a gap next week to recover from Superbowl Sunday!

My top 3 picks:

  1. Lauren B (I think she’s the front runner at this point). Ben reserves his private one on one walks for the women he’s got crushes on and his little stroll through Mexico City with Lauren B complete with making out on cobblestone streets makes me think she’s in the #1 slot this week.
  2. JoJo. I just like the natural ease and chemistry she has with Ben and that she had the compassion to take him aside when he was clearly hurting.
  3. Becca. We didn’t get to see much from her this week, but she had that great one on one last week with him that he hasn’t soon forgotten.

What do you think?

PS – I must be nowhere near ready to get married since I can’t cook.


Helicopters, Twins and a Virgin: Ben Higgins Charms His Ladies in Vegas

BeccaThis guy is SMOOTH. Like how on earth does Ben come up with the perfect thing to say to identical twins, when he has made up his mind to choose one and dump the other ? He somehow figures out a way to come off as the perfect gentleman, a respectful suitor and compassionate dumper – all at the same time. Bravo, Ben. Any single man should study this season to get some tips from Ben. How does he pull this off so gracefully? Seriously, I’m fascinated by how amazing he makes each woman feel. Even a sign from Ben that lights up welcoming the ladies (and was obviously put there by the producers) excites them. Go figure.

So JoJo is our first one on one and she’s getting more interesting to me each episode. She’s absolutely a natural stunner and she has a smart, down to earth personality to go with it. If her only issue is that she broke up with a dude 5 months earlier that had other women in his life, JoJo may be in trouble. In case she hasn’t noticed, her current man, Ben, also has a few other women in his life. I love how he’s asking her to “open up” and just go with her gut when the very thing that’s holding her back is falling for a guy that’s got company. Whatever. Doesn’t every girl there have the same fear? I will say that JoJo wins best actress for getting excited during big surprises from Ben and rooftop night romantic time with a lit up skyline. He definitely saves these moments for her and it’s paid off in lots of affectionate kisses. I’m not sure we’ve seen these two get very deep yet, but perhaps with time and Olivia not scaring off JoJo with talk of how Ben returns Olivia’s love feelings, JoJo may make it very far into this process.

The talent show group date was very cringe worthy. Who of you readers was imagining what your talent would be? I was thinking about whether I’d try to sing (I can’t), do stand-up comedy (I couldn’t put anything together that quickly), write a poem (maybe?), play ping pong, juggle or take batting practice. But I definitely would not dress up in red sequined lingerie and kick up my questionable looking toes at Ben after popping out of a cake. Olivia’s got guts. I’ll give her that. But the panic attack following her awkward performance and the 18 times she tried to reconnect with Ben was certainly cringe-worthy. She just needs to go home.

Other thoughts:

  • There was some really great one on one time with Caila – the assertive sexual panther. I’m digging it. Go, Caila. I too thought she would be too shy for Ben. I’m glad she’s going for it. I’m still not sure if these two have anything legit to speak about other than that they are both software salesman. I think any sort of “spark” here may be hard to sustain.
  • Any reservations that Lauren B was showing on her one on one with Ben seems out the window. She’s full on admitting that she’s into him. She’s done playing hard to get. She’s in it to win it. Go Lauren B!
  • I am so glad we’re done twinning. First – it was impossible to tell them apart. Second – they were like their own Vegas show and needed to be divided and conquered. I’m glad we can just focus on one at this point.
  • Jubilee needs a Life Coach, not a husband at this point. She can’t rely on Ben’s cheerleading to keep her around and it’s getting old.
  • I was very impressed with Allison Williams’ IKEA furniture assembly skills. She seriously rocked that coffee table in like less than 5 minutes. I need her here soon to assemble a Kid Kraft play kitchen for Ellie’s 2nd birthday come March!
  • The Husband is digging Ben’s wardrobe this season. Truthfully, I’m so focused on the way he zones in on each lady’s body language, thoughts and gets them to speak their minds. He like works his voodoo magic on them and their insecurities and thoughts come pouring out. He’s like the Bachelor of all Bachelors. He needs to write a handbook when this season is done.

Becca’s One on One Thoughts:

So you know I love Becca and was waiting for this date to see if some real sparks could fly between them. I totally saw it – did you? I really hope that the reason we haven’t seen much between Becca and Ben is because it would give too much away. He digs her virginity. And she feels appreciated and put on a pedestal. They have similar faiths. She nearly teared up from being appreciated. He picked her to put on a wedding gown and say all those things to before they married people – he knew she could take it. But it sure was funny to see her initial panicked reaction. I also loved hearing her take on why the Farmer relationship was different.

Olivia Schmivia:

  • She needs to get over herself
  • I can’t take her much longer; Her confidence about Ben and her insane reasons behind it – I want to fast forward and I was pretty sure she was going to get the boot tonight, but alas, she got the last rose over pretty Rachel who we know nothing about.
  • Her news reporting cameos are insanely indulgent and delusional
  • Ben’s reaction to her has certainly come down a notch – she wasn’t crazy about that. He’s on to her insanity, I hope.

Ok – so my top 3 are the women he gave roses to tonight before the rose ceremony – Becca, JoJo and Lauren B. Caila runs a close 4th. Not seeing much from Jennifer, Leah or Lauren H, so don’t know how much of a thing they really have going on with Ben. Amanda the Mom will get her shot next week.

Off to bed! Who are your favorites this week? Any surprises? Are you in love with Ben? Is he the perfect gentleman? Doesn’t he make getting dumped feel like a privilege because his delivery is beyond delicate?


Stacey B


Ben the Bachelor Charms & Defends His Ladies

jubileeI was a bit disappointed in the ladies’ behavior this evening. The conversations, the tears, the back stabbing and name calling – it all seemed like one big sorority cat fight. Now given, most of these ladies range in age from 23 – 25 (which depending on the woman, seems VERY young to be making a lifetime commitment to someone she’s know for a few weeks) but the drama reminded me at times of preteens sitting around stewing about an outcasted friend. In the end, it made me question whether anyone is really mature enough for Ben. Even the ones I liked just got knocked down a notch.

Now Amber, who annoyed a lot of us last week because she’s was like a weeping wet blanket (Why can’t I get alone time with Ben? What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I stand out? Why am I not noticeable?) got the group date rose. I’m not clear why except that she got an unexpected kiss with Ben. Maybe he wanted to give her a boost of confidence. But somehow she finds a way to get caught up in the Jubilee Jamboree. Come on, Amber, this was your chance to shine. Why do you need to be the ring leader of interventions? And explaining your need for intervention to the target in front of Ben – NEVER A GOOD IDEA. You come off as a bully and worse – you just made Ben get all protective over the very person you are threatened by. Lesson learned: LET THE BACHELOR MAKE THE DECISIONS. You need faith that The Bachelor knows himself well enough to know what he’s looking for, that he’s a good judge of character and that he will immediately be turned off by anyone focused on attacking / confronting other ladies in the house.

Thankfully, it looks like Ben is finally on to Olivia’s true personality. Here’s what we learned about Olivia tonight:

(1) Olivia hates her “cankles” and toes. The other girls are nasty enough to talk about her toes and bad breath. That just screams jealousy no matter how true or untrue those statements are. What are they in third grade? This was just mean.

(2) Olivia thinks she has a secret love language going on with Ben due to his squeezing her a certain way when they interact or leaning on her leg to stand up. I do think Ben is trying to make every lady feel special and Olivia is in that group, but I am also certain there are no secret signals going on.

(3) She’s fairly self-centered. The fact that Ben is visibly upset about the news of his family friends’ death and Olivia’s solution is to steal him away from the crowd and bring up her physical insecurities – I thought that could be enough to knock her out of the competition this week. Ben is on to her…I think.

(4) She’s knocked off her high horse. No group date roses. No particularly special moments, but she is not letting it get to her. She truly thinks that Ben is her husband at this point. No big mouth opening shots tonight.

Thoughts on Lauren B’s (pretty blonde flight attendant) date:

  • She’s a beautiful girl and watching her chemistry with Ben, you wonder how anyone else has a chance.
  • The Husband & I disagree on what her deal is. I don’t 100% trust her. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s how she was talking poorly about one of the other girls (I can’t remember if it was Jubilee or Olivia / or both?) with Amanda (mom of 2). Or how she mentioned that she’s very picky. I’m not quite sure she’s as sweet and simple seeming off camera as she is when the cameras are rolling. The Husband thinks she’s very sweet and that there may not be much to her, but they make a perfect match – Barbie & Ken. And he buys her whole, “I like the simple things,” speech. Ehh, we’ll see. She just seemed a bit less warm than I wanted her to be.
  • That hot tub in the middle of nowhere was so absolutely ridiculous, but I kind of loved it. Truthfully, I’d be down to get into a hot tub almost anywhere, anytime.
  • The Husband thinks we should have a barn and throw parties there & movie nights. Agreed, Husband.
  • She mentioned to Ben that she wants to get her pilot license. I wonder how this will work with Ben’s plans of settling down and having 3.5 kids? Can he settle down with a pilot? A pilot dream doesn’t sound so “simple” to me. Like I said, I don’t buy her story.

Thoughts on Jubilee:

  • I have no idea how the show found her, but it’s nice to see someone that’s so different from the regular type of contestant. She’s clearly from a different background than the other girls and they just don’t know what to make of her. That’s why Ben is so unique – he digs Jubilee’s differences – that she does have layers and is a bit more complicated / sophisticated.
  • Let us mention it, because it’s historic, I think this is the first 1 on 1 date that a Bachelor has had with an African American girl. I’m sure the producers are high-fiving each other all over the place, mostly because they can use this as evidence in combatting any future discrimination lawsuits.
  • Loved her reaction to eating caviar and fancy food. I would have done the same thing. But it was amazing that she didn’t even try to pretend she liked the food, especially once Ben raved about it.
  • I LOVE how Ben defended Jubilee when Amber explained why all the girls hate are pissed off by her. Ben is smoother than silk. Defending the women. Making them all feel special. Telling Jubilee that he was really excited about taking her on the one on one date even when Jubilee’s defense mechanisms were up at the beginning of the date. He totally got her sense of humor, asking if anyone else wanted that date. No way in hell she was giving up that date.
  • I don’t really see anything wrong with what she did in giving Ben a massage. He LOVED it. Yes she had a rose and some girls wanted more time. Isn’t it up to those girls to go out and get their time? There are no rules on the show. Ben was certainly not complaining. Why don’t the girls yell at him for agreeing to be massaged for that long? Why did they all feel the need to have a “chat” with her?

Other highlights:

  • Lace’s exit. She went from one of the key people on the show to like a bleep on the radar. How fast she fell from fame! I think she knew that she was going home, so made the decision before he could do it. Also, nothing like a dramatic (“I need to work on myself”) speech to try and belittle the crazy things she did (You didn’t make eye contact with me! I’m not crazy!).
  • The soccer game. Why have NONE of these girls ever played soccer before? Like EVER? Come on, not one athlete? That was pretty disappointing considering how athletic Ben is. I bet Becca would have been a great athlete. I was impressed with twin Emily’s goal tending skills.
  • Thank goodness, Ben didn’t agree to let both soccer teams attend the “winner’s party” out of guilt.

Other thoughts:

  • The twins are growing on The Husband. He thinks they seem like cool chicks. I still can’t take them seriously.
  • We’ve seen nothing from Becca and JoJo this week and I think they’re my two favorites.
  • Why are we seeing tears from Caila due to finally understanding that Ben may go on dates with other people and that will be really hard for her? Does she know what show she’s on? Has she not seen it before?
  • Why is Jubilee in tears that Ben only likes a certain kind of girl?
  • Why is everyone crying to JoJo?
  • My top 5 are as follows: (1) JoJo (she’s cute, she’s genuine and Ben’s into her) (2) Becca (I love her, but not sure Ben does too) (3) Jennifer (I think she’s smart and has common sense) (4) Leah (I’m curious to see her chemistry with Ben – she’s into him) (5) Rachel – she’s unemployed AND has a soccer injury? That’s rough and she’s really cute. I hope we see more of her time with Ben.

What did you think? Are you on Team Olivia? Team Jubilee? Team Amber? I’m on Team Ben. Still loving him and think he’s the smoothest Bachelor ever. I’m digging it. I think The Husband agrees too :)


The Bachelor Podcast with Stacey B & The Husband

If you need a few minutes to kill and want to hear our thoughts on The Bachelor – please check us out. We’ll be watching tonight, so my usual blog will be up later. Stay tuned for that as well. Happy MLK Day and let’s keep the love going!


Ben the Bachelor Searches for Chemistry on First Group Dates

lace-morris-bachelor-ben-higgins-1When you start off a conversation with the Bachelor saying, “I’m not crazy…” you MUST be the crazy person. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that she talks about herself in the third person multiple times (e.g. “He’s not getting to see the real Lace”), if it’s that she keeps her teeth together while speaking (very Sarah Silverman like) or that she had the boldness to pull Olivia side to have a nonsensical conversation when everyone thought she was going to tell Olivia off for taking up Ben time despite having a rose. I am SHOCKED that she is still around. Furthermore, tonight’s rejects have got to feel pretty bad that Ben would rather have one more, “I’m a lot to handle” conversation with Lace, batting her big brown eyes at him while trying YET AGAIN to get more time with him, then get to know them better.

Things I am really trying to understand:

  • Olivia’s dinosaur toothed shock face. I was having flashbacks of the velociraptor from Jurassic Park. Yes, she’s an attractive girl, but the shocked smile is so over-the-top, as is her intensity of being into Ben. She needs to dial it back a LOT. I mean, probably not for Ben at this point, because they’re scientifically made for each other, but for anyone else in the house to remotely like her, she will need to calm the HECK down. She also needs a better reaction to someone asking her about alone time with Ben. Don’t walk away. Just say it was nice.
  • Is Ben REALLY that sweet? I mean, he is going out of his way to make each lady feel adored. Is he coming up with this stuff on his own? Because I too, felt sad for Single Mom Amanda when she didn’t get the date rose after revealing that she had two daughters (and getting a kiss!). But did Ben really have an idea about making rose clips for her daughters? Does he even know what a glue gun is? This has to be producer suggested, right?
  • What about the photo he gave the attractive Lauren B? Whose idea was that? And did anyone else think Lauren B felt a little too “ok” about potentially going home? She says she’s already learned so much about herself (really, in a week?) and made a lot of great friends. Is she at summer camp or is she there to meet Ben? Ben’s totally into Lauren B, though – and I think she’ll be a top contender.
  • Why on earth did LB need to wait until Ben gave her a rose to speak up? Isn’t that rude? Doesn’t that just make the girl who got the last rose (Amber) feel like she was an afterthought (because she is /was?)
  • Ben feeling like he’s unloveable. This seems like a joke to me. He’s so thoughtful. He’s holding and caressing each lady’s hand like she’s the only woman in the world. How is it possible that he doesn’t know that these women have already fallen in love with him?
  • I can’t take the twins seriously. They are like identical Paris Hilton Vegas waitress bunny dancers. And they’re soooo young. (22 years old). I’m finding them hard to consider as actual individual people which perhaps is unfair. That said, they are drop dead gorgeous.
  • Why did he get rid of cute Jackie the gerontolist? She was adorable and looked cute while trying to bob for apples during the group date.

Things that I loved this week:

    • Shirtless Ben on the Bachelor Live (showering). Steamy stuff.
    • Caila’s date. Having Ice Cube and Kevin Hart crashing Ben and Caila’s date was a great way to break the ice. Loved that Kevin joined a hot tub scene – in a hot tub store – even funnier that he went naked. I’m a huge fan of Amos Lee, but don’t think that The Husband is familiar with his music. I told him that I’d seduce him with some Amos Lee music in the near music. As for Caila – she seems extremely bubbly and sweet, perhaps a bit vanilla. But maybe Ben needs some vanilla. Their kiss looked very innocent and church like. This was certainly the opposite of the kiss that Lace planted on him that first night.
    • Jo Jo’s impromptu rooftop seduction. You gotta love that someone as drop dead gorgeous as Jo Jo could have any sort of insecurity that Ben had forgotten her. I get the feeling that she has never had to compete for a guy. Watching these drop dead women fall one by one for Ben with the absolute minimal effort, is borderline comical. I mean, he literally just took her out on a roofdeck and she’s swooning and jumping into his arms. Something about heights, lights and getting alone time with Ben that drives these women wild.

  • Jubilee may be one of the few African American women to form a legit connection with the Bachelor. Yes, we’ve seen some interactions, initial interest – but Jubilee’s the real deal and I like that Ben is going for it. I also loved the little stuffed bear she gave him to symbolize that he was lovable.
  • Becca’s amazing basketball skills! Ben’s got to love that. She’s just banking each shot in a knock out dress while Ben can barely match her – that’s got to be impressive to him, right? If only she knew how to arrange a model Indiana state so that it wasn’t lying horizontally. That’s embarrassing and makes me potentially question her intelligence (along with Jo Jo’s). Though truthfully, I’m sure I’d get a ton of those wrongs.
  • LOVED the high school date. Very creative and fun to watch. When I saw the Dentist out-hurdling Amber, I felt bad for Ben – like -YIKES – she’s got to be the person who Ben was the least interested in seeing bust through that finish line. I’m still not sure why he kept the Dentist around after he behavior from last week
  • Kudos for creativity on the Love Lab date. And for Ben not giving into temptation and kissing any of the girls while the others watched. He’s smooth like that and learning from his predecessor’s mistakes.

Other Observations:

  • Ladies who look totally different without makeup: Everyone. Ok, but besides everyone – Olivia and Jami in particular looked shockingly different.
  • Ladies who are natural beauties: Rachel, Jo Jo, Becca, Jennifer and Lauren B.
  • Jennifer has a nice, seductive and smart way about her. She has yet to get caught up in the craziness in the house and seems smart. I hope she stays this way because she got one of the first kisses from Ben. Good for her.
  • We didn’t see much from Leah this week, but Ben was into her too.
  • Everybody is an option for Ben. Single mom with two kids? He’s in. Big toothed smile from a news anchor who quit her job to meet him? Check. If you can dream it, you can be a Mrs. Higgins in training.
  • Shushanna speaks perfect English :)

Top 5 after this week for Ben:

  1. Lauren B
  2. Jo Jo
  3. Olivia (he’s into her, I’m not)
  4. Becca (I love her and he likes her)
  5. Jennifer / Caila tie.

What did you think about this week? Who is the best fit for Ben at this point? Will Kris Jenner try to get his phone number for one of her daughters (or herself) if he ends up single? Let’s hear your thoughts!!

I’m leaving you with this thought-provoking conversation – because it confuses me and I’m wondering if anyone can explain to me what the point is: