Jimmy Kimmel Crashes The Bachelor & His Dates

chrisjimmyCan Jimmy Kimmel be on The Bachelor every week? I haven’t laughed so hard during an episode in years. The true reflection of it being “amazing” ($1 to the jar) is  The Husband stating at the end of the episode: “I’m not going to delete this one. I may want to see it again.”

Sending Chris and the Canadian Kaitlyn to Costco for a date? Brilliant. Telling the ladies he would need to make love to each of them to test them for Chris? Awesome. Asking Kaitlyn point blank if she’d forgive Chris for sleeping with two other ladies in the fantasy suite? Priceless. Jimmy gets straight to the point. He’s honest. He says what everyone is thinking. That is why I love him.

So this may have been one of my favorite episodes in decades. But first, a little Bach news:

Desiree Hartsock (former Bachelorette) married Chris Siegfried over the weekend. The pics are forthcoming in Us Weekly’s magazine that comes out on Wednesday. They live in Seattle together and are happier than ever. Which is a big victory for The Bachelor since Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray split.

But back to tonight. The bold lipstick on so many of these girls is freaking me out. I wonder if Chris said he’s attracted to that and now all of them feel the need to wear it. In so many of the Kaitlyn date scenes, Chris’s lips are bright red before we even see him kissing her. I loved their Costco date. Kaitlyn was probably seriously bummed – “Wait, we’re really getting out here?” she says when they approach the Costco entrance. Then she tries to make light of it by saying that there will be other wonderful dates in the future for them and of course she appreciates a “real” date. I think it’s great that they do normal dates because nothing will be more down to earth than moving to Iowa and living on a farm. They need to do more farmish type dates. I like Kaitlyn’s sense of humor. Even her red lipstick doesn’t upset me too much. She seems very sophisticated though for farming life and I think she’d grow bored. I do like her narration of what’s happening in the house.

The wedding crasher date was odd to me. I mean, I know it was meant to be spontaneous and fun, but I thought it was kind of rude. Maybe this couple didn’t want all of international television witnessing their wedding. Plus weddings are intimate events – it was kind of disrespectful for two strangers to show up and pretend to belong. I think Chris is better than that. Whitney was looking for a way to stand out to him and I guess she earned it. I can’t get past her voice, though. It’s a deal breaker for me personally. And I don’t like that she talked him into doing something that wasn’t very nice. Now if the bride was an obsessed Bachelor blogger or fan, that’s another story. I also thought for a split second that they were going to get down to where all the people were and find out that it was a funeral. That would be awkward.

The group date was pretty entertaining. Jillian needs someone to buy her a pair of shorts that cover her lady parts and the back garage. I feel gross just being exposed to too much of her. I find her overly aggressive in a masculine way but Chris doesn’t seem bothered by it. What is up with the Ashley Virgin’s Kardashian obsession? She really thinks she’s one of the K-dash sisters. Her laughing / crying confession to Chris was just scary. We also got a glimpse of the Virgin Kardashian without any make up and it didn’t look like the same person.

Some additional thoughts on this week:

  • We’ve seen absolutely ZERO dialogue between Chris and Samantha (brunette with striking blue eyes), Chris and Nikki (former NFL cheerleader, another brunette), Chris and crazy blonde Ashley (she looks like a possessed robot walking around) – I wonder if we’ll start to see anything notable.
  • I am getting frustrated by Chris still keeping Mackenzie around. She’s 21 and it’s really starting to show. Asking Chris about his kissing of other girls. Um, you’re on The Bachelor. That’s what The Bachelor does.
  • Oh, Juelia. Poor, Juelia!  I don’t know what you do with someone like Juelia. First off, it’s hard to really focus on her horrifically tragic story when she’s wearing that ridiculous beaded headband and the bright pink lipstick w/ false eyelashes. Is Chris even allowed to send her home once she’s bared her soul to him? How does she feel comfortable revealing this information as their first conversation on international TV? Is she really ready for a relationship? How is she leaving her daughter behind to come on the show? I truly feel sorry for her, but I think pulling Chris out of a pool of bikinied ladies to tell him about a suicidal former husband is a pretty risky move. He couldn’t have been more comforting about it, but I just don’t think she’s emotionally ready at this point to start fresh.
  • I liked Jade. She was clever to get Chris to take her to his house and she wasted no time in seducing him. Anyone who can walk around in those ridiculously high white stilettos and do a running leap into a bed without breaking their neck gets major points. I don’t really remember her before this week, but she’s cute and seems normal.
  • I also really liked Becca. And the fact that she didn’t force the kiss on the group date. That certainly earned her the date rose and Chris’s respect. She’s like the one girl who didn’t kiss him yet.
  • There are a bunch of blondes that I can’t tell apart. Carly the cruise singer is I think the winner of the group date farm obstacle course? I give her one more week in the house. She’s too sweet and Chris just doesn’t seem all that interested.
  • Britt’s connection with Chris is taking a beating with all of the other ones developing in the house. All she can do is stare into his face and attack him with her pouty red lips. He’s not complaining. These two have absolutely nothing in common, but they look good together.
  • One of my favorite parts of the show was Kaitlyn’s comment about how Chris giggles like a girl and her laugh is manly. So true!
  • Amber got eliminated tonight which is too bad. I really thought one of her breasts were going to pop out of her dress when she was making out with Chris. She was one of the most naturally pretty ladies in the house. I was also sad to see the Natalie Morales look alike leave without us getting to know anything about her.
  • I can’t tell what Chris is into. But with Whitney, it was the first time that he was actually showing signs of being really into her instead of the all the ladies going after him. I feel like Whitney is different from the rest of the girls. She’s just a sweet, doting, placid person who might fit the profile of farm wife better than anyone else in this group. Hmmmm.
  • Kelsey’s really cute and genuine. I hope she gets some Chris time.

My favorite Jimmy Kimmel line of tonight (to Chris as he’s about to go into the rose ceremony): “Whatever you do, don’t be yourself. Be someone that makes much better speeches.” Classic.

I’m still very impressed with the ladies on this show. All very attractive and only 2-3 crazies so far. It’s very possible that Jillian is having an affair with one of the other ladies. I just hope they can catch this on camera and have Jimmy Kimmel come back to deal with that situation.

Happy MLK day, Everyone. Hope you enjoyed the weekend! Now tell us your favorites…


The Bachelor & Farmer Chris Soules Ploughs Through First Dates

bikinibabesThe Bachelor Chris Soules has a thing for red lips, blue eyes and ditzy ladies. Can we trust his judgment after witnessing his interaction with Crazy Blonde #1 (Ashley S?) and still choosing to keep her? What did he have against brunette beauty Kimberly who fought to stay only to be rejected twice? He couldn’t give adorable, doe-eyed flight attendant, Alissa, one more chance for romance? Hmmm. I hope he knows what he’s doing.

Pardon my lack of knowledge regarding the ladies’ names. There are still so many of them and truthfully, once they removed their make up, some of them were impossible to identify. Princess Jasmine Kardashian (Ashley I?) was outed as the house virgin. Is it a religious thing? Is it an eyelash thing? Can she really be taken seriously with those things attached? I’d be worried that my face would get stuck to them. They’re like rakes. Too bad because the girl is likely naturally pretty but all that glitz and glam just sours it in my opinion. She won’t need those things on the farm and I’m surprised that Chris is into that stuff. The whole granting of 3 wishes to him is ridiculous. She’s all about oozing the sex vibe, but then playing the virgin card. How frustrating for Chris. I hope his second wish is for her to take off those stupid eyelashes.

Kaitlyn’s the narrator of this season with her witty one liners. I love her Canadian accent and how she keeps it real, but that firecracker part of her can border on “mean.”

A few comments and some questions:

  • The following girls looked so different from last week that I had no idea who they were: (1) Jordan (Drunk Blonde #2). Who is she? Why do I have no idea who this girl is? Guess it doesn’t matter because she’s gone now and (2) Megan. So she kind of looks like Amanda Bynes to me. A bit on the ditzy side, particularly when she put that motorcycle helmut on and went crashing into various walls and textures within Chris’s home. But ditzy is “in” and so is “tragic backstory” so she quickly becomes a top 5 contender. Did Megan really think that Chris had sent her a love note instead of a date card? Has she never watched the show before? Was she drunk? (3) Jade. Wait, did I totally miss her on week 1? So many long haired brunettes. 
  • Have you ever wondered more frequently that tonight on whether so many of the girls on the show were drunk or just crazy?
  • When they blurred out Jillian’s tush and bikini area, was the purpose to hide her delicate lady parts or because of unsightly body hair that was commented upon? Or both? Drunk Blonde #2 (Jordan?) had a funny imitation of Jillian flaunting her tush muscles. And I’m sorry, but I had to rewind the rose ceremony part where Jillian thought her name was called, was corrected by Chris, tripped on the carpet and laughed like a hyena. That’s good stuff.
  • Mackenzie seems very sweet, but come on, if a first date asked if you believe in aliens, isn’t that a red flag? Or did he just take that to be quirky and nervous first date behavior? Also the fact that she felt the need to reveal her Chris kiss count to the other girls speaks volumes. Amber also got a bit too excited about her Chris kiss. If you think of it as a prize, there’s minimal chance you’re going to get far.
  • Did anyone else see Chris’s lips having lipstick on them in various shots before we actually saw him kiss a girl? Lots of editing. This happened with his Kaitlyn conversation.
  • Juelia reveals to the girls details about the tragic death of her late husband and that she too is a mother. We learn of Megan’s father’s sudden death and how days later, she’s off to be on The Bachelor and that while at the Grand Canyon, she declares it the happiest she’s ever been (minus the fact that she’s technically grieving). We already know that Kelsey’s first husband died in an accident. So many tragic stories.
  • The Husband was very impressed with Megan’s “assets” and I’m not speaking of her eyes. He also thought that when Mackenzie got excited that Chris could be a “great father figure,” she was talking about it for herself, rather than her son. She’s 21, after all.
  • I wonder how Chris will rank Samantha’s blue eyes in comparison to Megan’s, who he declared the prettiest blue eyes in all of North America. Maybe Samantha is from Europe?
  • Tracy the 4th grade petite teacher still reminds me of NBC’s Natalie Morales. We know nothing about her either. They’re also holding back on Nikki the former NFL Cheerleader and Becca, who also has pretty blue eyes.

I kind of loved the zombie date. Was anyone else kind of hoping that Crazy Blonde #1 (Ashley something) would go on a paintball shooting spree and then turn on herself? Was she really really drunk or off her meds? Didn’t her crazy personality turn up during the casting process or is this why she’s on the show? Shouldn’t Chris weed her out?? He’s got to be embarrassed at seeing her behavior (although he did get to observe enough of it to question her sanity).

Bikinis on tractors was ridiculous. Why would they need to wear bikinis to ride a tractor? What did that have to do with going country?

Britt is still stunning and sweet. The look on her face when speaking to Chris says it all. It’s a bit too intense for me, but I’m not Chris. Also I can’t forget Michelle Money’s stupid comment about Britt not showering. Is this true? Because Britt’s as pretty as a picture, but all that doesn’t matter if she stinks.

Who’s going to be the first girls to sneak into Chris’s house when he’s home? Chris Harrison is practically begging them to do it.

That’s all. Going to bed. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel will wake me up.

So who did you like? Who did you hate? What shocked you? I think the top 5 contenders right now are: (1) Britt (2) Megan (3) Princess Jasmine Kardashian (Ashley I and her eyelashes) (4) Kaitlyn and (5) An unknown girl (Nikki/Samantha/Tracy/Becca)

IMG_7473In other exciting news, Ellie turned 10 months on Saturday. In the last week, she’s learned to crawl. And if you ask me, I think SHE has the prettiest blue eyes in North America.

That’s all for tonight. Signing off.

PS Are we in Mesa Verde? What the HELL was Ashley S talking about? She’s going to haunt my dreams tonight.


Causes of Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray’s Sudden Split?

I interrupt my regular scheduled programming of sitting in my pink flannel, adult sized onesie pajamas on my couch after a full day of work followed by rushing home to see Ellie, playing with her bathing her, pajama-ing her, feeding her and putting her to bed to ANNOUNCE THE BREAK UP OF ANDI THE FORMER BACHELORETTE AND JOSH, HER HUNKY MAN with the megawatt smile.

What the heck happened??

These two were always so into each other. They were the queen and king of social media posts about how into each other they were. Every picture and video just oozed over the top obsessed with each other. And the most bizarre part – this video footage of them taken at Monday’s red carpet event for the The Bachelor premiere:

What could have happened in just 3 days? Look at her rubbing his back so aggressively and reassuringly. Like she’s coaching him to respond to questions about their wedding or soothe him from saying anything too hostile. Had they already broken up? Had they rehearsed how they would handle questions about their engagement / wedding? Was she bored doing a fitness challenge with Josh instead of being a lawyer?  I really liked Josh and thought that they were a nice pair, but tended to think that I wouldn’t want to be up against Andi in an argument. She seemed a bit belligerent if you disagree with her. I don’t think that she would tolerate their life revolving around Josh’s brother’s football career.  I found Andi’s smiles a bit too forced on Monday.

It almost seemed like they had a fight and Andi was quick to end the whole thing. She seems like the kind of person that makes a decision and acts very quickly and passionately. So if Josh had any confusion or doubts about their relationship and voiced them or did something to majorly piss her off, Andi would be out the door in a half second flat.

Always sad to see a Bach couple bite the dust. Maybe Nick’s still available? Josh would make a great Bachelor though…


Chris the Farmer Meets his Soules Mates on Bachelor Premiere

chris-soules-abc-the-bachelor-2015-spoilers-premiere-665x385I can’t write too much these days. Something about it being after 11 PM on a work night, having  a sore throat, a baby tucked into bed that will need my attention at any second and an alarm clock that’s ready to go at 6 AM tomorrow. But it’s Bachelor premiere night so there are some major things that need to be said. And I am so curious as to what my favorite Bachelor fans and blog family think of the complete circus that went on tonight.

Before we start:

A few comments about the Red Carpet:

(1) Is Catherine Lowe (Sean Lowe’s wife) pregnant? She was holding her purse in front of her dress during every on camera appearance. Was she hiding a baby bump? That dress wrap cover thing was 3 dimensional to hide her side figure. Catherine always wore form fitting things that revealed her shoulders. She’s totally going to announce her pregnancy in like 2-3 weeks. Or she chose a really unfortunate outfit and I’m the meanest person alive.

(2) Where was Cody (Michelle Money’s man) at the red carpet extravaganza? Well, they broke up. Michelle Money posted on her Facebook page on December 19th  that after 6 months of dating, she and Cody called it quits. No real reason and she wishes him all love and happiness. Basically – she woke up one morning and realized that she had no interest in him and his biceps.

(3) Could they have interviewed Nikki Farrell (Juan Pablo’s Ex) any longer? I mean Chris Harrison took every opportunity to try and get Nikki to say that basically Juan Pablo was a selfish, womanizing jerk who deserves to be tortured for the rest of his life. I love how they immediately welcome Nikki back to the family now that she’s parted ways with The Bachelor’s enemy #1.

(4) Is there a trend going around where every woman has to wear her long hair swept to one side? They all kept doing it and it was driving me insane.

(5) Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman was making me anxious with her over enthusiastic smiles any time the camera came to her. She seems very happy with Josh though so that I am happy they’re happy.

(6) Did there seem like there were more former Bachelor contestants than actual fans at the red carpet?

Ok, it’s FARMER TIME. It was hard to keep track of 30 women instead of the usual 25. I don’t know all of their names yet, so I’m going to use some unfortunate descriptions. Farmer Chris is looking hot and I love how they’re selling him as a modern day Charles Ingalls. Salt of the earth hottie, 33, best shape of his life, 6000 acres to his name, small town farm boy, incredibly humble Chris Soules, who is looking for a soul mate. As for the girls, a few stood out to be front runners right away.

Potential Future Farmer Wives:

(1) Britt. First impression rose girl never wins, but Britt could be the exception. The chemistry between Britt and Chris was bouncing off of them. They could have ended the season right there and everybody would have understood. What do these two have in common? Absolutely nothing. Guess we’ll have to see what else Britt has to offer in addition to free hugs and exotic looks. Rude of Michelle Money to blurt out that she doesn’t shower? Pretty rude if it’s not true. Pretty gross if it is.

(2) Kelsey the widow with cute dimples. She seems adorable, genuine and smart. What a sad story about her former husband. She seems like a totally normal person and I’m not sure she’ll be able to survive the big hair, make up and drama of the girls around her (because she’s normal). I hope she hangs in there.

(3) Tracy – the beautiful, petite brunette 4th grade school teacher could win the whole thing. She’s also a very down to earth type girl with movie star looks. I liked her. She kind of reminded me of Keri Russell, who played “Felicity” on that CW show.

(4) Becca was also very pretty, but I’m wondering what she looks like without all of the make up. Also, I couldn’t tell you a single thing about her.

(5) If Tara sobers up and gets her shizz together, she might be my favorite blonde. I liked that she showed up in shorts and a flannel. She’s a country girl and seriously – where are they doing to wear ball gowns in Iowa?

I’m confused about the following:

  • Did Chris really choose crazy blonde haired girl who was screaming about an onion (Ashley S)? Why, Chris? Over that beautiful brunette in the white dress that he sent home (but who came back to talk to him after getting dumped?) Is it too late to make a swap? Did he say the wrong name by accident?
  • I think Chris prefers the petite girls. Like Alissa the airline attendant who is TINY. And Kaitlyn who had a little too much to say and was rough around the edges. Chris was into it. I think it’s going to get old, fast.
  • Ashley I’s mascara is already scaring me, as is her dramatic pout. I’m confusing her with 3 other brunettes, so not much to say at this point.
  • Amber was the only diverse woman in this crowd. She is beautiful (and also petite like most of the other girls Chris chose)
  • I was terrified of Jillian, the woman who can pump more iron than most men I know and wants people to feel her muscles. She’s a bit too in your face for me.
  • I don’t remember who it was, but one woman declared that she majored in sports news casting or something like that and then ended up selling cadaver parts? Which she says is “fun.” That was actually my favorite line of the night.
  • The girl who likes to make babies (the fertility nurse) has a really high pitched voice that was distracting. She’s already in love with Chris.
  • I was hoping that Bo the plus sized model would have a chance. She seemed nice but not sure how she’d keep up a career like that in Iowa.
  • There was one girl in a green dress  (Kaitlyn?) who is 21 years old and has an adorable son. Only issue is that she looks like she’s about 16. Chris literally looked like her dad. Odd pair.

Ok, off to bed. The Husband enjoyed staring at the hot women but nothing is hotter than me in the adult size pink onesie he gave me for the holidays (I was jealous of all of Ellie’s pajamas onesies). Luckily, he got to spend 3 hours with me wearing it tonight while we watched Bachelor. Lucky guy! Ellie slept through the whole thing. Speaking of sleep, it’s time.

Let’s hear your thoughts! Good night!


The Bachelor with Chris Soules is BACK this Monday!!

The Bachelor Farmer

The Bachelor Farmer

Happy New Year! Happy Holidays, Friends!! I hope they were fun, relaxing and restful. My new job has begun and I’m officially a full time working mom. It’s been more than a little overwhelming and I’m early on in figuring out how it all works. Any tips are welcome!

While it always seem  sad to say goodbye to the vacation days of the holidays, the one thing I always look forward to in January is BACHELOR TIME!!! Chris Soules’s time is just around the corner and they’ve already released the results of his season: “He’s in LOVE.” Ok, so whether that means he’s engaged, coupled up or that some lucky lady has agreed to spend some time on the Iowa farm for the immediate future – we’re about to go on a journey with a “successful” result. No Juan Pablo wishy washy, non-committal to falling in love stuff. For anyone who missed it – Juan Pablo and Nikki Farrell are officially done. Ashley and JP had their baby. Desiree and Chris are still happily engaged. Andi and Josh are also very happily engaged still. Renee (the single mom from Juan Pablo’s season) married an old friend and is expecting a baby this year.

I’m getting a couple of hours of “me” time as we speak in the form of a haircut and highlights. Oh wait, I’m a natural blonde. Forget that last comment. So as I get blonder, I’ll discuss my favorite show on earth.

I’ve checked out the competitors for this season. You can see them here: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelor/cast

In terms of choosing who might have a shot at the top 7, I think we can safely eliminate anyone who is in the fashion, make-up, entertainment, modeling or entertainment industry. Because let’s be honest – if this woman has to move to an Iowa farm town with a population of under 800 people, there’s not going to be much opportunity (or interest) for them there. I think we can also include anyone who calls herself a “waitress” if she lives in LA or the LA area, as that’s code for “aspiring actress or model.” That gets rid of Bo (the plus sized model, Ashley I (who’s obsessed with make-up and who dreams of having a beach house in Southern California), Btitt (hot “waitress” from Hollywood), Brittany (beautiful, but WWE Diva-in-Training – WHAT? She wants to be a Farmer’s wife too??), Carly the Cruise Ship Singer, Jade (the Cosmetics Developer from LA – she’s smart, but she’s going to need to live in a major market to continue her business), Jillian (News Producer from DC – can she have this same career in Iowa? Don’t think so), Megan reminds me way too much of Amanda Bynes and she’s 24. Nikki – former NFL Cheerleader and a model? Come on – she’s going to be satisfied on the farm? Nope, but she’s pretty. I’m sure Samantha the Fashion Designer  from LA will have plenty of clothing to design on the farm. Seriously – it’s just not even fair to put these people on.

Becca, the Chiropractic Assistant from San Diego is beautiful and seems charming and down to earth. But the fact that she still dreams of traveling and is only 25 years old, does not seem the best match for our 33 year old Farmer Boy who’s looking for a wife to settle down with.

Is there anyone left?? Yes, ok, so here are few who may go far:

(1) Michelle, the 25 year old cake decorate from Utah. She seems like a girly girl and is looking for her fairy tale ending. She’s into “Family, Church/Religion, Food.” All of these things exist in Iowa, so she may be very compatible for our Chris.

(2) Tracy, 29, the 4th Grade Teacher from Wellington, Florida. She reminds me of Natalie Morales from The Today Show

(3) Kara, 25, High School Soccer Coach from Kentucky. She seems like another down to the earth nice girl who’s looking for a simple and happy life

(4) Kelsey, 28, High School Guidance Counselor – she seems like an actual normal person and is adorable. I hope Chris notices her amongst all the big hair and glam he’ll be bombarded with!

(5) Reegan, 28, Donated Tissue Specialist from Manhattan Beach, CA. I think she’s got a brain and seems mature

(6) Nikki – ok, let’s be honest former NFL cheerleader and model? How will Chris resist this brunette beauty???? Disregard whatever I said above about her not being a match for Iowa. She’s not, but that will be hard to reason with Chris.

(7) Tandra, blonde from Utah, Exec Assistant. She just has a cool name and will probably be causing controversy. So she’ll stick around.

What do you think?? Any early favorites? Ok, back to zone out time. I’m getting hot under the heaters. Time to cool down.


Hi-Ho, Oh-No, It’s Back to Work I Go!

IMG_6736Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone. Apologies it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. All is well here. Crazy and busy and waking up at 6:45 AM every single day and go-go-go til bedtime without fail, kind of crazy. Ellie is in a glorious phase of smiling, screaming, saying “hahhhh” which we figured out meant “hi” every time she sees someone knew. She’s saying “bahhhh” when someone leaves too. She’s 8.5 months old. Sleeping through the night (except the last 2 nights as she’s teething). No crawling yet, just pushing herself backwards into inconvenient corners, then muttering to us until we come rescue her. She loves all things music and thinks clapping is the greatest thing in the world. Her cheeks are so squeezable and I find myself watching everything she does in amazement. Being her mom is awesome. And exhausting. Exhauwesome?

Over the last few months, I’ve been taking time to do my freelance writing at Thought Catalog: http://thoughtcatalog.com/Stacey-Becker which has been great. I signed an e-book deal with them for a short story memoir which should come out next spring. Stay tuned!  I also had a few interviews for lawyer jobs that fell into my lap through former colleagues and friends. Long story short, I recently made a decision to go back to a full time role as a lawyer. The income is important for Ellie. And because I had the benefit of taking these last 8+ months to really find a company/role that would be a good fit for me, I am going back to a place that will be supportive of my #1 job – being Ellie’s mom. This company is giving me a flexible work arrangement without even knowing me. Already, that makes me like them and want to do good work for them. They get it. I won’t say it’s going to be easy, but knowing that I can have that flexibility sure helps.

It took me a really long time to decide to quit my last job after having Ellie. I was terrified of not being able to find something else. Of running out of our savings. Being on the other side of that decision – I can honestly say that not going back to work was the best decision I ever made. I cherished every single day I had with Ellie. Even the really hard ones, and there were plenty of those. I went from being completely blown away and terrified by this tiny little helpless thing, to beyond smitten with every single detail that she is. I can’t really start to think about how much I will miss her or I may not make it to work this coming Monday. I’ll miss that darling little face, the way she grabs fistfuls of my hair and plays with it, how she snuggles her nose into my neck when she’s tired. How when she wakes up from her morning nap and sees me, she gives me the hugest grin and immediately starts clapping, applauding that she finally feels well rested, perhaps. If I start to think too long about how she lunges forward for the spoon of sweet potatoes that I give her for lunch, how her arms stretch out as wide as they can and shake when she’s excited, it’ll break me. I will miss these things like crazy when I’m at work. Each second of them. They are what I live for.

I will also do the following:

I will go back to work because I have to for now. It’s the best thing for our family.

I will show Ellie that we can be tough when we need to be and that women are strong and powerful.

I will not permanently decide anything in terms of my long term working or stay at home mom plans. I will take it week by week, day by day or even hour by hour if I have to.

I will not label myself as working mom instead of stay-at-home mom as every mom is a working mom. Labels pigeonhole people and I refuse to be categorized as one thing or another for too long. I will not be afraid to make changes to my lifestyle and mom-style if I am not happy.

I will work hard to achieve a great balance between the baby and my work. It may not be possible at times and I will forgive myself if things don’t go as planned.

I will miss Wally (the dog) too and need to find time to give him some extra loving.

I will make time for date night for me and The Husband because he’s gorgeous, I love him and I still laugh every time we’re out together.

I will not forget about The Bachelor, though my posts about the Farmer may not be as timely or long as they used to be.

I will always be Ellie’s mommy. Nobody can replace that. I tell her every day that I made every single part of her, with a little help from The Husband.

I will not cry all day on my first day of work. Repeat. If I cry, it will not be in front of Ellie. I will try not to cry in front of The Husband too often as he doesn’t full grasp the concept of maternal hormones and might commit me if this continues.

Ok, deep breath. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes. In the meantime, here are some pictures of my latest project:
IMG_6656 IMG_6554 IMG_7027 IMG_7013 IMG_6992 IMG_6970 IMG_6885 IMG_6884 IMG_6878 IMG_6872 IMG_6754 IMG_6719