The New Kendall & Kylie of Bachelor Take Over!

Move over, Kardashians. The new Kendall / Kylie blonde duo blow the socks off of Kendall & Kylie Jenner. Can you imagine that this whole time, Arie was falling for the taxidermy enthusiast enough to send home the lovable, charming and sexy Tia? Clearly, we now know that Arie will always choose blonde over brunette. Sorry, Becca? TBD

But let’s rewind. Did you notice Arie’s “24601” tattoo on his right forearm? Does he think of himself as a reincarnated Jean Valjean from Les Miserables? It has me singing that darn song in my head, “I am warning you, Javert, I’m a strong man by far…(ahhh 24601…).” Did Arie feel like he was a prisoner? Did he break out of a situation and try to earn redemption? I’m so confused, but maybe this makes him a deeper person? Why have we not seen any conversations about this mysterious tattoo?

So hometowns this week were so intense! And more so because of Arie’s reaction to them than anything the parents actually did or said. Did anyone else think he was going to faint in Lauren B’s home? He is so in love with that girl, and I honestly can’t figure out what exactly is going on between them. Also, her house in Virginia Beach looks straight out of a movie. I would have been insanely intimidated going in there. But Arie comes from money so he should have felt a little more comfortable…until his potential future father-in-law grilled him about being from Scottsdale and having no interested in golf. Crickets…

So date 1 with Kendall was a bit wild. I had flashbacks of when Brad Womack went to the funeral director Shawntel’s hometown date and watched her talk about cadavers. Just awkward. So the taxidermist thing is definitely a bit out there. This has not made me against Kendall, but I agree with Arie that she’s very quirky. There’s also a very spiritual / hippy / skippy vibe that comes from that household. What room were they all speaking in – it seemed to almost be a store of mystical gifts, jewelry and home goods. Watching Kendall’s identical twin sister basically call out the “space” that Kendall is exhibiting between her and Arie is just a little freaky. Is she reading crystals? A ouija board? Or maybe it’s just the California thing. Either way, I think Arie is very intrigued by Kendall – she’s drop dead beautiful, sweet, interesting, quirky and just a little bit “out there.” But whether this 25 year old beauty can get to the place that Arie needs her to be in about 2 weeks is just nonsensical. Can you picture Kendall being ready to have children right now? Not sure what her spirit animal has to say about this, but if Arie was 26 or 27, I’d say ok. But he’s 36 and seems like he’s full court press to settle down. Kendall still has a free spirit. Won’t stop him from wanting to figure this out in the fantasy suite…

Now if Tia can’t win Arie over by bringing him to race cars in Weiner, Arkansas after he just had to reconstruct a dead rat, we’ve got to know he wasn’t into Tia. I don’t really get it, though Tia was in her head for a lot of the journey. I thought he dug the ability in their relationship to take the lead. He seems to like to play the alpha role and he certainly had that in the Tia situation. After visiting with her family, perhaps he saw too much of a divide between her life and his? Could social-economic differences have come into play here? Could he not picture his well off Dutch parents having a drink with Tia’s folks? Or did he just see Tia as friendzone all along? She’s definitely in first place for next Bachelorette. With the perfect combination of beautiful, spunky, funny and heartbroken, we know the process works for her and that she deserves another chance to find her someone. BTW, I just loved Tia’s dad. He was a lovable teddy bear and I thought it was cute how he kept hugging Arie. Her brother also seemed to warm up to Arie and had some interesting feedback.

Then we get to Minneapolis. Becca is all aglow in a J Crew ad as she takes Arie apple picking. Seriously, didn’t their day date look like something out of an LL Bean catalogue? I loved the pre-date skepticism brewing in the Becca house. They were all like, “Yeah, this is bullsh__t” before they even walked in the door. Then once the happy couple arrives, the whole vibe changed. Becca’s mother seemed warm and smart, just like her. I loved her chat with Arie. The Uncle Pastor, on the other hand, was very intense though I grew to like him too. It was hard not to get choked up to hear them talk about Becca’s dad. Interesting how Uncle Pastor asked Arie straight up if “this was the real deal” and Arie said it was. Woah. He’s really into her.

Well then it’s over and everyone’s falling in love when it’s time for the Arie’s last and perhaps most anticipated hometown date. It’s Lauren B in Virginia Beach. I was waiting for them to flash the “Virginia is for lovers” signs, but didn’t see anything. Horseback riding on the beach – who chooses these dates? Lauren B was as beautiful as the sunset in that lighthouse tower, but am still feeling those awkward silences and pauses throughout their time together. It must be genetic because I felt the awkwardness in that living room. I mean if Lauren can’t open up and be warm and chatty around her family, does this ever happen? Also, her mom was so skeptical, it bordered on rude to Arie. But her reserved nature was identical to Lauren’s. Finally it was in Lauren’s conversation with her own mother where you can see Lauren start to open up about her feelings for him. They seem to have this unspoken connection, can read each other’s minds – and it’s so powerful, it makes Arie need to excuse himself from intense moments to go freak out in another room.

Once Lauren B’s dad found out that Arie had gone to Iraq with other racers to support the troops, he was a shoe-in. That broke the ice. Then it was all “we believe in Lauren. If she’s happy, we’re happy” and so Arie can breathe again.

I always love hometown dates and this season was thankfully no different. I was SHOCKED, however, that Tia was sent home. He just seemed to appreciate Tia for the beautiful, intelligent, driven and honest person she was – I can’t believe his feelings for Kendall were intense enough to bag a sure thing with Tia to roll the dice with Kendall. Will we be seeing Kylie on a future Bachelorette episode or in Paradise? That would be fun.

What do you all think at this point? Who’s Ex is coming back to claim his woman next week?

And now for some brief feedback / reaction to The Bachelor Winter Games:

I didn’t write a separate recap for this – it just seemed ludicrous to try to keep up with a 4 episode season launched in between the regular Bachelor season. I will say though – there are some very interesting relationships brewing there and I have LOVED seeing the international heart throbs interact with the American contestants. A few thoughts:

  • Watching Clare try to navigate her love triangle with Benoit and Christian has been torturous. I can’t stop picturing her trying to make things work with Juan Pablo. In fact, both Juan Pablo and Christian kept saying, “It’s ok” when Clare went into one of her emotional scolding tirades. She finally had someone in Benoit who would treat her right and she’s not remotely interested. Then she fights and tells off Christian, only to accept his rose later. Now that’s entertainment.
  • Of course, I’m intrigued by Dean and Lesley’s relationship. First because Dean was pulling the same hot and cold behavior towards Lesley that he did with Russian favorite Christina in Paradise. Second, because Lesley called him out on it and was basically like – Look, Dude, man up or I’m outta here and going to explore other options. And she means it! Lesley is a tough cookie and won’t accept that crap that he was dishing out. She’s confident enough to walk away yet she’s interested in him too. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to the pressure.
  • Love how Bibi has had two relationships already and quickly has gone from Canadian Ben to the new Jordan former Bachelor. Jordan got grilled by the Olympians in the house for flipping a coin on his season of Bachelor to determine who his final pick would be. He admitted that was a douche move and he’s back for redemption. He seems to have found it with Bibi. I’m glad Bibi is getting loved on this season since she didn’t have luck on Arie’s season.
  • A bit skeptical on Aly & Josaih. She’s absolutely adorable and reminds The Husband of the love interest of the Prime Minister in Love Actually.
  • Watching Stassi (the Swiss Stacey?) and Luke together is also an intriguing mishmash. Are her lips real? It’s hard to notice anything else about her.
  • I love Yuki and anything that she says though I wish she’d remove her color contacts.
  • Ben Higgins is as lovable as ever, but he seems distracted and disinterested in any of the ladies.
  • Ashley I is always a mess and watching her get pursued by the Canadian Ben Higgins is quite comical. Like watching a boy in 8th grade ask out a 5th grader.

Alright, hoping everyone had a nice long holiday weekend and wishing you all a great week ahead.


Stacey B



Eat, Bach, Love: Arie The Bachelor Gets Closer to The One in the Tuscan Sun

And it’s not the Nanny!!! He’s come to his senses, Folks. I mean, while I’m watching them makeout after Bekah’s cry session over Tia’s harsh but true reality smackdown to Arie (i.e., Dude, she’s 22, open your f-ing eyes) and all I’m thinking is: it’s like he’s making out with the babysitter. Then I realize – she IS a babysitter! Oh g-d, get rid of her! Now, I’m all for following our hearts and Bekah is young and fun and wild and their connection is probably the strongest of any I’ve seen (aside from the epiphany Lauren B love attack, but more on that later). And yes, they’re in Italy, which means we are supposed to forget that he’s 36 and she’s 22 and that he wants to settle down and have babies and her MOTHER DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHERE SHE IS and is sending out missing girl police reports about this chick. I mean, what if he DID go home to meet her family? Would they be like, “Thank the Lord, Bekah is alive and FOUND?” Would Arie get arrested for kidnapping? Can you kidnap a 22 year old or is that done after age 18? I’m so confused.

Regardless, if the sexiest truffles in Tuscany and the strongest wines drunk by sunset at Napolean’s sister’s home can’t make Arie forget about the concerns in his head, it sure ain’t going to happen back in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m a little all over the place, so let’s start with Arie’s first date with Becca.

Becca’s 1 on 1:

Sweet, girl next door, Minnesota born and bred (piccolo bread?) Becca. I can only scream “FRIEND ZONE” in my head every time I watch Becca nervously chat with Arie. She seems to repeat herself and state the obvious wherever they go together. She’s attractive, down to earth and seems to be in the stage of her life that is compatible with Arie. Also, it seems like she’d move to Arizona in a heartbeat. I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t get this overwhelming sense of chemistry between them. Their kissing seems forced. Their body language is of her being much more into him than vice versa. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? I just feel bad for her because she seems prime material to get her heart broken. Also, their sunset picnic of bread, meats and cheeses looked picture perfect, but can there actually be chemistry when cheese breath is obviously present?

Lauren B Gives Arie an Epiphany:

And now let’s please spend some time breaking down the incredibly confusing / hail Mary pass Lauren B one on one date. WTF was that? I mean, we know Arie is head over heels attracted to Lauren B. It’s hard not to be – hell, I’m very attracted to her. She’s a walking Barbie doll. But beyond that – she’s timid, has said practically nothing to him but “Wow” and “I’m really scared” and “It’s harder for me.” For some reason, these are the keys to Arie’s heart. He hears these things and why they mean absolutely nothing to me and certainly would leave me wanting more – more personality, more insight into who she is, more insight into ANYTHING going on in her head – to Arie, it’s like speaking to his soul phrases.

So we’re led to believe that Arie is going to seek out some mystical truth from Lauren B. What makes her tick? How does she actually feel about him and hometown dates being next week? How has she not been pursued by every guy that has ever crossed her path? Does she really need to come on a reality TV show to meet her perfect guy? I have a hard time believing she doesn’t get asked out constantly. Is she really that closed off to not be dating people left and right or is she just not over the ex-fiance. Is Lauren B’s ex fiance that one that comes looking for from the previews? Or is that a Tia ex? Also, was anyone else SHOCKED that he gave a rose to Kendall first, before Tia and Bekah?? Sorry, I’m getting distracted.

Lauren B is like the dream that Arie never thought existed after Emily Maynard. Turns out she DOES exist, she’s just 11 years younger. Also, does anyone care that she’s 11 years younger than Arie? Nope. Nobody. Ok. Hasn’t even been brought up once. So 13 years (Bekah) bad. 11 years ok. Great.

Their date was very similar to their Paris date. Strolling around, Arie trying to pull teeth to make her talk. Him not being able to get the slightest read on what she’s thinking. We’re all wondering when these walls are going to get broken down. I love how Arie’s actually saying that he’d send her home if things don’t get sorted out. Yeah right, he’s so into Lauren B. We all know that’s not happening and he’s just talking tough for the cameras. Also, the forced soccer game with the Italian boys was eerily similar to Ben Higgins’ date with his Lauren B of playing basketball at his hometown gym with school kids.

But then it’s dinner time and it’s do or die time. Lauren finally starts saying something interesting. Yes, she’s scared, but somehow, she’s managed to start falling for Arie. How can we tell? We absolutely can’t. She’s so guarded and almost scared even saying the words. But she does recognize that her emotions don’t connect with what she’s actually saying (or at least that’s what I think she was trying to say?). Finally – some verbal confirmation that she’s into him. Arie should be thrilled, doing back flips or something and what does he do? He WALKS AWAY. Seriously, what the heck? Who does that? Did her words shock him like a game of Operation? Did they zing directly to his heart? Did they hit a metal plate in his brain zoned for deep romantic love and attraction? Whatever happened, it affected him greatly to the point where I was sure Lauren was DONE. I mean, when the person you’re most into out of a group of 25 tells you that she’s falling in love with you – you usually don’t completely abandon them. Particularly when they’ve just spend time admitting how scared they are and how they don’t admit things like this easily. Poor Lauren B even starts tearing up, convinced that she’s about to be hurt yet again.

But then Arie comes back and does the opposite of what we think he’s going to do. He takes out the rose and does NOT apologize (jerk). He basically just tells her that he’s falling in love with her and that he’s vulnerable and that it’s pretty much game over. UMMMM, did we just see the actual finale of the show right here? It sure felt that way. These intense feelings seemed to have bubbled over out of nowhere and all of a sudden, it’s very clear who Arie wants. Right?? How psyched is Arie when he throws Lauren B against a Tuscan wall to make out with her. Or was that Becca? Or Tia? I can’t even remember at this point. Either way, Arie’s heart is happy.

Seinne’s in Truffle:

Seinne’s date was actually my favorite. How awesome to go on a truffle hunt with two adorable dogs, a truffle hunter and then get invited for an authentic Italian meal to top it off? Where did they find these people? Seinne has so many wonderful qualities about her but she did seem to be leading with her mind instead of heart for most of this journey. I also didn’t see the chemistry that Seinne was convinced could have been there had they had more time. Seinne’s high on the list for next Bachelorette and we can be sure this isn’t the end of her Bach career. PS I’ve been virtually carb free for a month now and watching them make pasta from scratch, truffle the crap out of it and then stuff it in their faces was REALLY tough. I’d gain 60 pounds in Italy and probably be happy about it. Eat, Bach, Love.

Group Date from Hell:

Finally, the last and most awkward group date. Tia’s been on edge all week. You can see her kind of scowl at every comment being made back in their lovely Tuscany hotel room as the date cards roll in. You can see her silently fuming at every ridiculous Bekah the Nanny comment. Tia’s eyebrows do a lot of talking for her. She had this worried expression up until the very second that Arie finally gave her the rose and sent Bekah home. She literally melted and became human again. I’m happy because I love Tia. Now should she have thrown Bekah under the bus to Arie? Is it ever right to talk about another girl to the Bachelor? No. Did it backfire on her? No, but she’s lucky. Also she did it in a very sincere way and she didn’t say anything Arie didn’t already know. Plus Tia let Bekah know what she’d done.

Kendall seems like a great free spirited type, but way too intense and quirky for Arie.

I see this coming down to Lauren B and Tia, but that’s just based on this week’s episode and who knows what hometowns will bring.

As for Bekah, I hope she’s safely at home, snuggling under the blankets and getting home cooked meals from her mama. They’ll always have Paris and Moulin Rouge which in and of itself was always just a fantasy. Maybe Bekah can babysit for Arie’s kids in the next couple years.

Intelligently Confused:

As for Jacqueline – this one left me utterly confused as well. She just seemed way too in her head and I think she blew a great opportunity to see where things went. Do I think she would have been the last one standing? No. But I think she cut herself short and will regret not seeing it through. BTW, there’s nothing like a break up that ends with lots of hard core kissing.

On that note, I gotta run and throw The Husband up against a wall around here.

Don’t forget to tune in to Bachelor Winter Games tomorrow night!! Although if it conflicts with figure skating or Chloe Kim’s battle for the gold, I might have a problem.

Let’s hear your thoughts on tonight’s show, please!

Also, I forgot to mention last week how Arie opened up to Lauren B about his Ex leaving him after finding out she miscarried with his baby and how horrible that must have been for him. She’s the only one he’s been able to open up like that with and I think it speaks volumes into how he feels about her. He wants to break down her walls by sharing intimate secrets. He’s a race car driver, let’s not forget – and she’s an adrenaline race course for him to get around. Ok, I’ll stop analyzing and go to bed now.


Stacey B



The Bachelor French Kisses & Ditches in Paris

 ABC footage from The Washington Post’s article of Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez not looking the least bit concerned that she’s actually missing.

Love is in the air. There were just enough surprises in tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. Buh bye, Krystal – did we miss a scene where she comes back and scolds Arie? I could have sworn there was preview footage of her telling Arie he needed to apologize for something. Was I having Krystal delusions? Also, the Jacqueline connection took me by complete surprise. I never thought of Jacqueline much before this episode but Arie is very into her. I was sure that either she or Jenna would be on the two on one with Krystal. I guess Arie knew that Jenna was going home either way.

Also, why won’t Lauren B just come on out of her shell? Come on – it was like pulling teeth. But you know Arie has to be into her if he stuck it out with her on what must have felt like an awkward date where he was working very hard. Compare their conversation to the Bekah or Tia energy where those two ladies are so conversational and easy to talk to. It’s night and day. And yet Arie loves a good challenge especially when a trophy wife who is blonde and kind of looks like Lauren Bushnell and Emily Maynard and is soft spoken and a bit damsel in distress. Lauren B has the exact mix of everything Arie is looking for in a future Mrs. Arie.

So the long boat where the girls stayed looked pretty cool, but does the boat move around all day and night and did any of them sea sick? I would have been green the whole time. Ugh.

Here are some of my thoughts on tonight’s episode:

  1. Lauren B is an absolute Barbie doll. Even down to the silence. Her “wow’s” were sincere but I likened it to a date that Rachel the Bachelorette had with good looking Will last season. Will was thrilled beyond belief to be walking around a new foreign city with Rachel but couldn’t express himself or show affection and so Rachel likened that to disinterest. I’m glad that Arie did get to the bottom of Lauren B’s hesitation and potentially perceived “coldness.” He’s obviously interested in her enough to work through her determination to friend zone people for at least 6 months. Because we obviously don’t get 6 months to put Arie in the penalty box. I’m not sure what that end of the episode, post-rose ceremony footage of Lauren B talking offline to a producer was all about. So she’s not excited to go to Tuscany? She’s opposed to free trips to exotic foreign countries to go wine tasting with a love interest? She’s nervous that Arie will reject her? Or it’s just too hard to watch him with other girls and she’s scared of getting hurt again? Come on, Lauren B, suck it up – why are you on this show. We really need you to “let your guard down” – like NOW. I want to just give her a big pep talk because she’s got the skills to win this thing if she just would break out into a little personality.
  2. Even though the French roll their eyes at another Moulin Rouge reference in American culture, I loved the group date. That part of Paris is actually incredibly beautiful and the PERFECT place for The Bachelor to film. You can tell that even though Seinne thought she had this date in the bag, it was actually Bekah’s dramatic / dress-up affinity that led her to pull out the group date rose and the chance to perform in the show with Arie. She was made for this. I still can’t get past her childish 22 year old self and wonder how on earth Arie thinks she could possibly be ready for marriage.
  3. Did you also know that Bekah was missing? My mother in law’s dear friend and neighbor contacted me to see if I had heard about the missing Bekah scandal. Have you guys? This is completely absurd and made big headlines this past week. Thank you, Aunt Linda, for reaching out!! In a nutshell, Bekah’s mother reported her daughter missing after not being able to get in touch for a few days. During their last conversation, Bekah told her she was going to work on a pot farm or something like that (no joke). So then I guess she went on The Bachelor because she tweeted out a message like, “Mom, I told you cell phones were banned on The Bachelor” or something like that. To me, this sounds like Bekah is literally a child with a bedtime. Did she runaway from home to be on the show? Might she actually be 16 or 17 and pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes? Clearly the girl is a bit unsettled at this point in her life. Will she just go off and settle down with Arie and his cardigan sweaters and turn in for bed after she puts their 3 babies to bed?
  4. Poor Tia never seems up for the group date challenges. But I didn’t understand why she thought she wasn’t sexy. She’s totally sexy. Tia – if you’re reading this, you’re sexy. I mean, come on, Girl – if you’re not sexy, the rest of us have no hope. I loved how she tried to clear her red lipstick off of Arie after she made out with him. He’s into her thankfully because she’s got spunk and looks.

Big questions I have after tonight’s episode:

  1. Why no dramatic exit with Chelsea? Chelsea was a front runner for the first two weeks and then suddenly she just fades into the background? No big speeches from Arie. What was he thinking? Because he was very attracted to her at the beginning. We didn’t hear him at least explain that he didn’t want to keep her a minute longer than he had to because she’s a mom. But what changed exactly?
  2. KRYSTAL’s goodbye. Arie didn’t get to walk her out. Just dumped her and left her to sit with that horrendous fake smile. We were all waiting for the nuclear meltdown that never quite came.
  3. Is anyone more gracious than Kendall on their two on one? Even after she finds out that Krystal’s been bad mouthing her to Arie and planting seeds of doubt into his head about her emotional readiness to settle down – Kendall shows her more grace than Krystal’s probably ever had in her life. Kendall still tells her she’s got so much beauty, sympathizes with what horrible, heavy stuff Krystal has had to deal with her whole life and encourages her to “let it go” a little bit, Elsa style. Instead of appreciating this grace, Krystal takes the time to point out to Kendall later on that her speech was patronizing (even though they have a lot in common) and that she shouldn’t be doling out the life advice.
  4. Poor Krystal. She will never realize that she’s her own worst enemy. I am so glad we don’t have to see anymore of her phoniness nor hear her baby voice. Even watching Arie kiss her and be affectionate to her was like nails on a blackboard. Good riddance. I do feel sorry for Krystal because she’s got some really big emotional challenges to overcome before she can seem human again, but she had to go. I just wonder why the exit wasn’t made more of a big deal and if this is really the end. Or might she come back for one last attempt at Arie. In any event, there’s no way she’s not coming back for Bachelor in Paradise, so I’m sure we’ll see her there.
  5. Jacqueline’s date – another potential pretty woman date. I don’t think Jacqueline gets an opportunity to date men like Arie very much. What on earth is Arie thinking by keeping her around when she’s got a 6 year doctorate degree to complete. Are they going to date during this time? Will she go to school in Scottsdale? Will he leave Scottsdale to move to whatever school she’s studying at and what the heck will he do while she’s studying? It’s a waste. I mean with Chelsea – she was ready to settle down NOW. And he was attracted to her. Again, not sure what happened there. I never saw Jacqueline as a contender but good for her. She’s living her best life. By the end of their black dress fantasy date, she seemed a bit tipsy – almost like a girl going on a dream date who threw a few back to take the edge off and was just going with the notion that this incredibly cute guy was just as into her as she was into him.
  6.  Watching Arie kiss all of the girls back to back was kind of gross. Especially the Seinne tongue kissing. Did we really need to see that? And can she taste the other girls’ lip stick when she does that? Can he actually feel sincere about each girl when he’s going from tongue to tongue like that? Gross.
  7. Why haven’t we seen any of these ladies showing up in Arie’s suite after hours? I feel like Bekah would do that. Like scale the wall of his hotel with her rock climbing skills and hang from one of his chandeliers. I could definitely see Krystal doing that. I wonder if Arie’s mother is sad that Krystal went home.

Brief description for each of the remaining girls:

  • Becca: Pretty, down to earth and friend zone in training
  • Bekah: Child spirit
  • Jacqueline: Bad timing, also friend zone to be
  • Lauren B: The One, if she speaks up more
  • Tia: Next Bachelorette
  • Seinne: Miss America, Renaissance Woman
  • Kendall: Hippie Creative Taxidermist



Get Ready for International Love Fests: The Bachelor Winter Games

Ellie is hard at work, thinking about betting odds of The Bachelor Winter Games.

Ellie is hard at work, thinking about betting odds of The Bachelor Winter Games.

In case you’re looking for a little something extra to feed your Bachelor soul this winter, you can soon look forward to an extra night of Bach world. As mentioned previously, ABC has created an even more ridiculous spin off that ties in the upcoming PyeongChang (South Korea) 2018 Winter Olympics. The Bachelor Winter Games will feature some of our favorite Bachelor alumni (Ben Higgins, Ashley Iaconetti and Lesley Murphy (Sean’s Lowe’s season)), with visits from former Bachelors and Bachelorettes. They’ll mix these beloved characters with international Bachelor contestants (yes, Bachelor world also exists outside the USA). It should be interesting to see what happens when worlds, cultures and the desire to make out internationally collide.

Don’t forget Dean will be there to make tons of mistakes, to lead multiple girls on at once and then feel guilty about it. Eric B, along with Dean, will also get a visit from Rachel the Bachelorette which will probably not be that interesting. BUT, the chance to see international Bachelor stars compete for love in an Olympic setting will be interesting. I’ve always been curious to see what types of personalities get casted for this show outside the US. With any luck JoJo will show up too and I’d love to see a little interaction between her and Ben Higgins.

Set your DVRs because are you really going to miss the ACTUAL Olympics to watch The Bachelor Winter Games? I guess it depends if the ice skating, skiing or snowboarding competitions are on.  The Bachelor Olympics starts Tuesday, Feb 13th and it won’t coincide with the end of Arie’s season. In fact, I believe Arie is making an appearance on The Bachelor Winter Games. This is more to draw out the popularity of The Bachelor by getting viewers to tune in for an extra night and an enhancement to the actual Olympics. In fact, you can even check out certain odds for events happening on The Bachelor Winter Games. Like what are the “odds Chris Harrison starts the season with a ‘code of conduct’ pep talk.” Too funny.

What are your favorite Winter Olympic sports to watch? Are you as obsessed with ice skating as I am? Did you know that Nancy Kerrigan is supposed to make a special appearance on The Bachelor Winter Games?

Don’t forget to tune in this Friday for the NBC real Olympics’ opening ceremony. That has become one of my most favorite parts of any Olympic games.


Glitter and Gutters: Arie the Bachelor’s Krystal Invests in Herself

Photo Credit: ABC, Krystal pondering what planet she's on

Photo Credit: ABC, Krystal pondering what planet she’s on

48 hours ago, I was in Florida too. I wasn’t taking romantic yacht rides down the Everglades like Arie and Tia, but I did get to snuggle up with my 3 year old on an airplane. I also spotted a baby alligator while taking a jog yesterday morning – and Tia was right to be worried about the giant alligator she saw. According to my father, alligators can run 30 mph and I certainly don’t want to be whatever any of those things are chasing after. Also, I was surprised that bowling was the group date activity when there was an opportunity to see all these bouncin’ beautiful bodies in bikinis on a beach, but maybe it rained?

Now that I’m back in cold NYC, I’m more than half wondering why we all don’t live in Florida. My parents are there renting a place near Sarasota for the winter, so Ellie and I escaped for a few days.  I worried about pulling her out of school but as a close friend said to me, “What are you worried about her missing, finger painting?” She had a point. So I took my first ever plane trip with my kid and she actually did wonderfully. Thankfully she’s as obsessed with TV and movies as her mama, so had no problem zoning into an iPad for 4 straight hours with one quick bathroom break. We hit Siesta Key beach, Lido Beach, a SuperTarget (with an attached Chipotle and a Starbucks inside – really what more do you need in life?), the incredible Mote Aquarium (where we pet sting rays for at least 30 minutes) and then I forced my parents and Ellie to scout out two places from MTV’s reality TV series “Siesta Key.” If you haven’t watched this show (which conflicts with Bachelor Mondays), you’re missing out. It’s everything you’d dream watching wealthy, mid-20s somethings living in a rich beach town would be. Check out my instagram for some pics. One of the main cast members actually responded to my post!

But back to Arie…

Obviously the big distraction of the week is Krystal. At this point, he has to be keeping her around for the ratings. There were certainly more than several girls there that never stood a chance, so he was probably ok to let them go while maintaining the main fireworks event. But before we go there, let’s talk about Chelsea.

What is it with Arie and him being attracted to women with these very sad back stories? What is it about him having a thing for single moms? Does he like being the hero? Or as Bekah once wisely pointed out – does Arie need to be needed? Does this give him the upper hand in a relationship and make him feel more secure? Is Arie as effeminate as ever? Even with his black on black outfit? It’s interesting because Chelsea was made the villain for week one and even into week two, but we’ve been so thrown by Krystal’s behavior that we haven’t been seeing more of Chelsea’s underhandedness. She’s smarter than Krystal, but perhaps just as dangerous? There’s definite physical chemistry there, but I don’t see much of a genuine emotional connection. Every time I see Chelsea, I feel like she’s acting like someone who should be swooning over Arie rather than actually being into him. I don’t see her being that upset if he broke up with her.

As for the bowling date, it’s funny because it’s such a simple idea for a date and yet I can’t remember any other group bowling dates in recent Bach history. Perhaps if they were in South Dakota or Chicago or ANYWHERE but a beautiful beach area, this might make more sense. And then there was the Krystal melt down. Is she terrifying anyone else but me? What is her deal? Clearly her ploy to stay behind on the group date was to get Arie’s attention. He was quick to point that out by asking if she was “teaching him a lesson.” Even if he’s effeminate, at least he didn’t let that get by him. I was sure he was going to send her home (and was screaming at the TV for him to do it) but he just couldn’t pull the trigger (or would the producers not let him?). He seemed to flick a switch and be cold towards Krystal – she questioned his character after all. Krystal is an absolute nutter (as my Scottish Work Friend would say) for taking Arie’s decision so personally to include the “losing” bowling team in the after party. But her reasons for throwing the fit had absolutely NOTHING to do with her troubled past and EVERYTHING to do with wanting attention and not being able to handle Arie’s interest in the other girls. This is always the downfall of the girls who get early one on one dates. They either can handle the group dating thing or they can’t. Krystal is on the Can’t List.

Becca, on the other hand, has been so patient, even thanking Arie for escorting her to his hotel room and making out with her in the same “leg up” position that he had Bekah in 5 minutes earlier. I still think Becca is friend zone. Bekah, on the other hand, is so attractive to Arie because a) she’s 22 and b) he knows there’s no way he can marry her but knows this is his last chance to score big with a 22 year old. The question is whether Bekah will surpass Chelsea to make it to fantasy suite land. Hmmmm.

My favorite interactions of this whole episode were as follows:

  1. Alone time with Lauren B. Finally some real, genuine, unforced and potential long term chemistry. Lauren B is feeling it and she’s playing her cards right. She’s more subdued than the outgoing, forceful personalities like Bekah, Kendall and Jenna. She is mad as hell about Krystal and yet has the maturity and strategic smarts to keep that bad energy to herself and to just focus on getting to know Arie. I liked her 21 questions game which led them to share their deepest fear. Of COURSE, her biggest fear is falling for him and him choosing someone else. Isn’t that the worst thing that can happen to someone? And of COURSE Arie’s fear is picking the wrong person (which is obviously Krystal). There is an unspoken blast of mutual understanding erupting between them and I see fireworks and sparks and a one on one next week in the works. Go, Lauren B. Like I’ve said previously, she is eerily similar to Emily Maynard’s personality and she’s certainly got the Blonde Beauty thing going for her. Have you noticed her insane body? Tall, thin and beautiful.
  2. Tia’s One on One. So I love Tia. She makes me laugh, she says what’s on her mind and she doesn’t even know what a knockout she is. I love that she wears sneakers on her date. I love that she’s into fried frog legs and strange Arkansas games. She reminds me, with her genuineness, of Joelle Fletcher (my favorite Bachelorette, perhaps of all time). She’s certainly styled by her bestie, Raven. The Husband thinks Tia looks like Mel Gibson’s love interest of the pretty Scottish lady who died in Braveheart. She’s running a very strong campaign for next Bachelorette by dropping the “falling in love” bomb on Arie, particularly if he doesn’t choose her. It did annoy me that she wouldn’t make eye contact with him and I’m glad Arie called her out on it. It also seemed very likely that a producer prodded her to express these feelings because they seemed surprising to me (as well as to Arie) as they’ve had little together time and this was their first official date. Was anyone else terrified the alligators were going to attack them while they were hanging outside that little cabin in the Everglades? If scary music was playing, we all would have been having heart attacks.

Now as for the Krystal show down, I have the following to say:

  • Bekah is 22, so it’s kind of expected that she’d make fun of Krystal’s voice and channel her inner Krystal with a speech and prayer with the other ladies even if it was catty and mean spirited. But I did respect her most when she raised the point with Krystal of being like, “You said you weren’t coming to the party. But now you’re here. Did you lie? Or did you change your mind?” Excellent point, Bekah. Maybe she’s got a legal career ahead of her? And I’ll give her a couple of years’ maturity tacked on to her physical age for such a strong argument. I also respected that Bekah directly asked Krystal why she was still there. Of course Krystal couldn’t (or wouldn’t) answer it. I’m guessing she felt attacked and didn’t think Bekah deserved an answer.
  • I love how Krystal got herself all gussied up, came to the after party, got completely rattled by the girls and went right back to her room / bathrobe. Did Arie even know she came?

Some other thoughts:

  • Is Arie actually interested in Jacqueline? That connection seemed to come out of nowhere.
  • The country singer who crooned a love song about being loved when you’re at your weakest (for the Chelsea date) also looked like Joelle Fletcher. I guess you could say that I miss Joelle and her no nonsense, awesomeness. I’d love to hear what she has to say about Krystal.
  • Did Arie ever ask Maquel how she was doing? There didn’t seem to be any interaction or extension of sympathy for her grandmother. No wonder she went home. Also, she’s 23 and that never came up.
  • Why should the girls tolerate Arie taking any time away from them to go deal with Krystal on that group date after party? If he was going to talk to her to break up with her, that would be one thing, but if Krystal wouldn’t even have the decency to come talk to Arie about how she was feeling, why did Krystal deserve any of Arie’s precious time? Also, isn’t isn’t it just clear that Arie wanted Bekah and Lauren B around to make out with?
  • Is anyone else scared of Jenna? Would Kendall really eat human flesh? And why is she carrying around a book of 100 questions that she uses to get to know people?

My laptop is just about out of juice, so I’ll pause here and ask you guys what you think. Thanks for all of your comments, by the way. I read each and every one. Now that I’m back from Florida and my kid isn’t making me sleep on the bottom half of a trundle bed, refusing to close her eyes until 11 PM, I have a bit more freedom.

Top 3 at this point for Arie:

  1. Tia
  2. Chelsea
  3. Lauren B
  4. Bekah still has the chemistry factor but that’s got to end soon
  5. Becca – he digs her, but we’re moving to the friend zone.

What do you all think? Can’t wait to hear!


Stacey B


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