The Bachelorette Gives Her Final Rose on Finale

Sparks are flying

Sparks are flying

So, I don’t know what it is that causes me to get emotional during the Bachelorette finale when I’ve sworn off any chance of caring about the outcome. I wasn’t a big Shawn fan. His haircut and macho / borderline controlling nature was a big turn off. I wasn’t really a Nick fan. Mostly his strange wooden bracelet beads and multiple rings just gave me a strange vibe. Kaitlyn’s made so many mistakes this season that it was hard to stay vested. But come that moment when the first limo drives up and Nick pops out, I’m glued to the TV and even a fire in my living room couldn’t peel me away. How can Kaitlyn explain to him that she’s in love with two people at the same time. Yes, she made love to him multiple times. She’s told him that she loves him. But guess what, it’s not enough. How does that make any sense? In the real world, it never will. But when has The Bachelorette ever been the real world? But in the end, we go back to the place it all began – the Malibu mansion. To the guy that got the first impression rose. I love the full circle nature of this season. Such poetic symmetry.

There were a few moments for me tonight when I just felt that Shawn was THE ONE:

1. When Kaitlyn’s sister said that Shawn had her vote. That was after meeting both of them and saying it was based on how Kaitlyn was around Shawn. Who knows Kaitlyn better than her sister?

2. The way that Kaitlyn looked at Shawn throughout their time together. She just gets giddy like a little kid in a candy store when he’s around. It’s completely different than the way she is with Nick.

3. When Shawn made the decision to pick out that ring and propose. I am SURE that whatever awkwardness that they had on their final date was followed by Kaitlyn confirming that Shawn was the ONE which is why he seems to have this quiet confidence about him again while chatting it up with Neil Lane.

4. I liked how Shawn took charge of the toasts and explaining to Kaitlyn’s mother why he wasn’t a jealous controlling freak. I really loved Kaitlyn’s mother and the tough questions she asked both guys. I also love that Kaitlyn was able to straight up tell her family that she slept with Nick and told Shawn – all in the interest of having them help her decide what to do.

There were a few moments when I wasn’t entire sure that Nick was NOT the One:

1. After Kaitlyn’s date with Nick (where she couldn’t keep her hands off him or stop kissing him on the boat), she said that she was in love with him and in that moment, he was her choice. So, that makes a lot of sense to Nick, right?  I mean, he gave her a beautiful picture and a lovely poem and she can’t stop looking at it.

2. After it got REAL awkward on her date with Shawn. Obviously it’s because she’s still thinking about Nick. Is it awkward because she feels confusion still? Or because she’s worried she’s going to have dump Nick? She can’t focus on their current date because in the next 24 hours she’s supposed to get engaged and dump someone she’s kind of in love with (but only for a moment). I’m so confused.

3. When she let Nick go through picking out a ring and making a really emotional, heartfelt “forever love” speech and didn’t stop him, I was thinking -”Wait, are they tricking us? Is Nick really going to be our guy and she’s going to later dump Shawn? How f-ed up” But no – that’s not what was happening at all. It was a lot less obvious this season!

So she lets “the other guy” go and he’s rightfully upset, confused and somewhat short with Kaitlyn even though he states that he doesn’t mean to be short. He doesn’t want to hear any consoling words. I get it. He’s like a professional runner-up on this show. I mean don’t the contestants get some sort of a stipend? I felt really bad for him but we all know what’s coming.

Kaitlyn in her beautiful sparkly dress, tears gone. We see Shawn pull up and he looks handsome, for someone I don’t find handsome. Then the half smile that Kaitlyn gives him when she makes eye contact is brilliant. He thinks he knows what’s going down but he’s not 100% sure. Shawn’s speech was simple, honest and beautiful. How can someone not love to watch confessions of love happen before us? No matter whether you liked or didn’t like them, Kaitlyn and Shawn were so obviously in love with each other, that watching them finally be together and Kaitlyn declaring herself FAITHFUL forever seems like the most romantic thing she can say and it’s a tear jerker!

The After the Final Rose was pretty uneventful. I was glad to see Nick’s family in the audience to support him (and also to keep the Nick vs. Shawn reunion to an appropriate level). I think the producers set up that awkward meeting (did they have to sit them on the same love seat?) hoping for more than what it was. Nick was pretty mature about the whole thing by admitting that they were immature. Shawn sort of mumbled his way through stating that he wasn’t the jealous type and that he had a bad feeling about Nick. That’s all.

Something was different about Shawn on the ATFR – he definitely took a bit of the “poof” out of his side part. His teeth were whiter. Maybe he wanted to match Kaitlyn’s skimpy white dress. Or maybe it was all the tanner / makeup that both of them were wearing? I don’t know. I did like that Shawn is ready to help Kaitlyn battle the cyberbullies. She’s been through enough already – I hope she can now just enjoy her man.

Probably the most controversial point of the entire 3 hours is Nick pointing out that Kaitlyn should have told him sooner that he was not her guy. I get it, Nick. It is what he signed up for. I don’t think that Kaitlyn was our most articulate Bachelorette. Particularly when breaking up with someone. She’s not the best at describing her feelings and often bites her lip and nods or just says that her heart is beating out of her chest and she’s shaking. So I kind of agree that she could have told him early on. Like that knock from Nick Lane could have been Kaitlyn letting him go. But at least we got to see one more gorgeous Neil Lane ring!

It took 3 hours to learn that Shawn and Kaitlyn don’t seem to have any permanent plans other than going to a public coffee shop together. But they do seem very happy to be together and I hope they can figure out something that works long term. I don’t think we saw them have a single conversation about where they’ll live or what they’ll do for work if they move. Ahhh, Bachelorette love.

On that note, it’s been wonderful sharing this season of The Bachelorette with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on tonight’s finale and the outcome overall. Were you surprised? Are you satisfied? What’s Nick going to do now?

Stay tuned for Bachelor in Paradise updates! I’ll chime in after the show each week and hope to hear from you!!


The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All We Already Knew

So ready to stop wearing all these sparkly dresses!

So ready to stop wearing all these sparkly dresses!

JJ and Clint’s relationship is still very odd. Ian is still arrogant and likely hired an image coach from Princeton who advised him to get on his knees, look sincere, apologize to everyone who will listen and to try to come off as humble. I still think he’s a jerk. Ben Z is still amazingly likable, charming and good looking. Ben H is still the best looking second runner up in Bachelor history and the fact that he hasn’t met someone yet is only because I hope he’s signed a contract to be the next Bachelor and is being kept in isolation to prevent women from knocking down his door. I love that he defended Kaitlyn from the annoying blue eyed guy who decided to form opinions on everything even though he spent 5 minutes on the show. Jared is still so sweetly innocent, even more so without that facial hair. He’ll be eaten alive during Bachelor in Paradise. I’m not sure why I wasn’t offered the opportunity to host the post-Bachelor in Paradise recap show, but I’m guessing it’s because they thought it would be TOO AWESOME. Ha!

Couple of points that were raised tonight:

- I may not have agreed with some (or any) of Kaitlyn’s decisions on the show (e.g., to bring Nick into the running, to let the guys fight each other in boxing, then in wrestling, to tell Shawn about her Nick intimacy, to be intimate with Nick, etc, etc), but I did feel for her when she talked about all of the backlash she’s gotten. And how it affects her family. That’s just horrible. Death threats? Taking time to bring someone down via Twitter? That’s just beyond reason. Yes, we all watch this show with judgement and opinions, but taking it to the next level of wanting to cause physical harm or mental pain to the contestants and their families is just sick. I see Kaitlyn as human – she owned up to the mistakes she made and doesn’t apologize for her actions. I hope she stays strong and ends up with some sort happy ending through this journey. Even if that’s having some fond memories to share with friends back in Vancouver.

- Tanner (who is Tanner?) made a big stink about how it was wrong of Kaitlyn to bring Nick into the process. This was one of the biggest debates of the season. But I liked Kaitlyn’s point at the end of this discussion – try dating all of these people at the same time, on camera and try not to make any mistakes!

- Glad we got an explanation for Joe’s angry departure after confessing his love to Kaitlyn – he was just extremely drunk!

- I don’t know what Kaitlyn saw in JJ.

- I wish we could have heard more from the guru guy. Tony? He should have had some wise words to share on the whole experience.

I don’t really have anything more to say except that Kaitlyn was wearing a ton of make up tonight and she doesn’t need it. It was almost muting her beauty. And I’m semi- interested in seeing the show that follows Bachelorette – “The Whispers” because I just want to whisper the name of that show repeatedly and it seems a bit creepy but entertaining. Kind of like Bachelor in Paradise will be.

Oh and Emily Maynard – remember her? The beautiful blonde Bachelorette single mom who chose the Utah blonde guy Jef with one “f” and then broke up with him? Well she’s remarried and just had a baby boy last week! Check out her Facebook page for pics:  Her hubby is adorable.

If you’re looking for some cute fall baby clothes, why not Osh Kosh? You may see someone familiar looking if you go to this link and scroll down to the second baby. Hint: she’s my daughter :)

That’s it for this week. Do we think there’s going to be a surprise ending here? I mean, can Kaitlyn convince these two to make amends and try out a threesome? Probably not. My feeling is that she’s head over heels for Shawn for whatever reason and that’ll be her guy. Nick will be crushed but I feel more sorry for his family. Anyone else think it’s Nick? Let’s hear it!



Love Bombs, Fights and Family – The Bachelorette Is Down to Final Two

The confusion of having sex with 3 guys in 1 week

The confusion of having sex with 3 guys in 1 week

Major drama on tonight’s episode and I’m not sure what I think of it all yet. I am certain of one thing. Ben H NEEDS to be our next Bachelor. He’s an absolute hunk, smart, well-spoken and appears to just be a sincere person. Why Kaitlyn didn’t choose to leave the Shawn vs. Nick drama behind for a chance at an actual grown up relationship is beyond me. But her loss is our gain, because there’s no way this guy can’t be our next Bachelor. That was the one positive outcome of tonight (and maybe this season???)

One general point about the Shawn confrontation of Nick in his hotel room. I wasn’t a huge Nick fan at all (still am unclear about him), but I can now say with absolute certainty that I have no idea what Kaitlyn sees in Shawn. I mean – he exhibited borderline Neanderthal behavior. Who charges into the hotel room of another and starts ripping on someone else, telling him what a phony he is and calling him names?  What was Nick supposed to say? How could that conversation have turned into anything but hate talk?  Shawn thinks he’s being honest by saying the bad things to Nick’s face, but he comes off as mean, bullying and self righteous. I thought Nick handled the whole thing rather well – he was calm and collected, which infuriated Shawn even more. Why can’t Shawn just focus on his own relationship with Kaitlyn? It’s like there’s a third person in their relationship with all his anger and frustration. They can’t seem to have a normal date without Nick popping up as a topic. We never got to see Kaitlyn’s thoughts about Shawn once they spent their night together, which can only lead me to believe that she finds his Neanderthal qualities attractive and might end up thinking his jealousy is cute. UGH.

The closest I’ve come for cheering for Nick (at this point, I’m just cheering for Ben H to be named the next Bachelor) was listening to his family. They seem like really nice, loving people who just want to see him be happy. The fact that little Bella was crying along with his mom, leads me to believe that Nick truly had a tough time in the aftermath of getting dumped by Andi Dorfman. Andi’s another one that I didn’t exactly love, so because things didn’t end well with Nick combined with his family’s love for him, makes me sort of root for him. I mean, if Kaitlyn is willing to say goodbye to Ben, she’s got it coming to her. I can’t see any universe where her relationship with Shawn would last. With Nick, it might actually work, the way she lights up around Shawn is just a whole other ball game.

Some other observations:

  • I really like the Irish sweaters they were all wearing.  At one point, Ben H just looked like a J Crew advertisement. Along with Kaitlyn’s cream colored wool sweater.
  • I loved the horse back riding date. Kaitlyn’s chemistry with Ben just seemed so natural and I laughed along with them when the donkeys chased them. As soon as Kaitlyn started mentioning that Ben was perfect “on paper,” I knew he was done.
  • The outfit that Kaitlyn wore to meet Nick’s family was probably my favorite of the whole season. It was conservative, but cute and she looked naturally pretty. No crazy red lips, plunging necklines, backless ripped shirts or exposed waists.
  • I still love Bella, Nick’s youngest sister. She’s got great questions. Notice how Kaitlyn could not come out and answer “Yes” to the “Do you love Nick?” question. That’s very telling. She could have said something like, “I’m falling in love with him.”
  • So are we to assume that she slept with all 3 guys in the fantasy suite? I think we can safely conclude she did. More so than any other season.
  • Not sure what Kaitlyn’s big breakdown was about after meeting Shawn’s family and him revealing that he also is in love with her. Did she realize that she’s now got two people in love with her and she knows which one to let go? Did she team up with Andi Dorfman to get Nick to fall for her so she could dump him again and he can be 0-2 on his Bachelorette stats?
  • Why did both families meet up in Utah?  The production went cheap this season. They basically did the entire season in LA and Ireland up until this week and they did only 2 family visits and both were in Utah?? Where’s all the money going? Are they saving up for some wild finale?
  • Shawn’s hair style is really irking me. It’s like it throws off the balance of his skull by making one side of his brain extra bulky. His monotone brooding tone is equally troubling. I think Nick wins in the fight between them based on his ability to just take the crap that Shawn is throwing at him without hulking out. I can’t imagine how Shawn and Kaitlyn would ever resolve a fight if one were to come up between them. Shawn is a terrible listener and has a very immature way of handling conflict. Nick had every right to go confront Shawn to try and respond to Shawn’s comments to him. Of course Shawn wouldn’t listen.
  • If Kaitlyn actually picks Shawn, how can her interest in Nick throughout the season not come between them at some point? It will drive him crazy (as we have witnesses first hand) that she has slept with (now at least twice) and having that knowledge will eat at Shawn’s soul. They are doomed if he’s the one. If Nick’s the one, they might last slightly longer. Do you think we’ll get Andi Dorfman’s take on the outcome of this relationship? Maybe she can be a special guest at the finale and update us on whether she’s still heartbroken about Josh.
  • Ben H is REALLY handsome. Not as handsome as The Husband, but handsome.
  • Will Kaitlyn end up being a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise? Because how fitting if neither guy works out, she can just go recycle some of her castaways like Ian??
  • Kaitlyn’s red (coral?) dress tonight was bothering me. If you’re going to wear a dress that exposes your boobs, those boobs should look equal and supported. Instead, one was getting crushed while the other was peeking out. I found it very distracting to try and listen to what she was saying when the possibility of a boob popping out was fully before us. She said her heart was beating out of her chest, which I thought was a real possibility, because we could practically see her insides in that dress.
  • Is Ben H really just 26? Because he has more maturity in his pink than Shawn and Nick combined
  • I thought Shawn and Nick were going to wrestle on that red carpet after the rose ceremony. In fact, knowing Kaitlyn’s odd sense of humor, I wouldn’t be surprised if she put the final two guys through an Olympics of sort to see who would survive. Have them repeat each of the activities that took place throughout the season. Boxing, sumo wrestling, an Irish wake, serenades, etc. and see who wins out.
  • I’m glad that we only had to witness two hometown dates this season. It just seems too awkward to have to meet 4 families and convince each one that you’re the perfect person to marry their family member when you’re dating 3 other people and probably slept with a couple of them
  • Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday and she thankfully will not have to witness a Shawn vs. Nick showdown (unless she watches again on the DVR). Happy birthday, Ma!!!

Ok, off to bed. It’s been an exhausting week and it’s only Monday. Everyone’s busy at work in this household. Including Ellie. In case you missed the Facebook post, Ellie’s been earning her keep in NYC lately. Check her out here: (scroll down and find the baby girl in cream/pink patterned pajamas and a pink sleep hat). She’s on the site a couple more times (out and about romper is AWESOME btw under Baby / One-Pieces).

Hope everyone has a great week. Please check in and let’s talk about the final two guys. Anyone like either of them? Are we all on the Ben H for Bachelor train??



Kaitlyn the Bachelorette Kills the Fantasy in Killarney, Then Makes Overnight Cork Plans

I know we're having fun, but I"m about to ruin everything and tell you I slept with Nick

I know we’re having fun, but I’m about to ruin everything and tell you I slept with Nick

Ok, sorry for the puns in the title of this post, but it’s just getting down and dirty this episode. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a season where The Bachelor or Bachelorette had to come clean about doing the nasty with another suitor during the actual season. Kaitlyn’s gotten herself into quite a mess. But before we go full throttle on the Nick vs. Shawn showdown, can we just discuss how amazingly perfect and perfectly amazing Ben H is? If Kaitlyn could just cut out the drama and nonsense surrounding her with the meatheads, she’d see that Ben H is standing right before her. No fuss. No questionable behavior. HOT. HANDSOME. SINCERE. HUMBLE. No talking crap about the others. No demanding alpha male whining. He’s put his trust into Kaitlyn and letting her make the decisions. His biggest fear is not knowing if he’s lovable. I mean, come on. Is that a joke? You need someone to love and treat you right? You happen to be the most eligible man in America, Ben H. Even The Husband has a crush on you. I really hope that Kaitlyn lets him down easily. Because if she’s still interested in keeping the other two around when she’s got someone of the caliber of a Ben H, we know there’s no hope in her choosing wisely. So let’s just hope for a peaceful outcome for Ben H. We’re happy to know he’s not a virgin and that he’s ready for love. Amen, Ben H. You’re one step closer to becoming the next Bachelor. We need you, Buddy.

Joe Kentucky was done the moment he poured his heart out. Poor dude. He was completely taken off guard. We knew it. Kaitlyn knew it. And from the reaction Joe gave Kaitlyn, he was certainly the only one who didn’t know it. Everyone uses “brutal honesty” as a weapon this season. Kaitlyn uses it to dump her guys, to confess that her intimacy with Nick had gone too far and to make mistakes such as telling Shawn that HE was the one too early on. The guys use it as a way to justify trash talking each other and revealing their doubts about the process. Poor Joe just had no idea what he was up against. He was definitely shocked at being dumped, so his reaction is actually an honest one, raw and seemed fit for the occasion. Kaitlyn has nudged him to open up. He does and says he’s in love with her which leads to her breaking up with him. I agree and support Joe’s hostile reaction.

Then there was sweet Jared. He gets dumped, offers Kaitlyn his jacket for warmth while she explains why she can’t fall in love with his patched facial hair. Has he been trained to take being dumped as if he’s interviewing to be the next Bachelor? Because he couldn’t have been more of a gentleman. He didn’t seem completely shocked, though he was definitely sad. I think Jared was a sweetheart, but he was really young and didn’t seem to be as sophisticated or complicated as Kaitlyn needs.

So then we fall back to Nick vs. Shawn. Here are my thoughts:

(1) With Nick, there seems to be a quality about him that makes him untrustworthy. I want to like him and invest in his journey, but maybe it’s a bit of arrogance combined with an insincerity? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I am not convinced that what he thinks he has with Kaitlyn would last. He’s throwing out bombs to try to get Kaitlyn off the Shawn train, but she’s not derailed. It’s clear they have chemistry. It’s clear that Kaitlyn is into him. The way she looks at him is unlike anything I’ve seen with the others to date. But do they have staying power? Everyone seems to think he’s got an agenda. Whether that’s to redeem his bad rep from Andi Dorfman’s season, to become the next Bachelor and/or to earn some small amount of fame – we can’t be entirely sure. But I don’t feel safe yet supporting these two being together.

(2) Shawn. Ok, I don’t understand Kaitlyn’s obsession with Shawn. I personally don’t find him attractive, but she’s crazy about him. His intensity and controlling nature are major red flags to me. He just can’t focus on his own process with Kaitlyn. So what if he doesn’t like Nick. So what if he thinks he’s a fraud. Why won’t he just trust Kaitlyn and stay within his own relationship? What purpose does it serve to go attack Nick verbally in his hotel room? He’s way too aggressive for my liking and I can’t see him and Kaitlyn having any sort of lasting relationship with staying power.

(3) Why wouldn’t Kaitlyn just choose Ben H at this point and send the rest home?

(4) Why did Chris Harrison take so long to come in after the last rose was handed out at the rose ceremony? Poor Jared was just standing there awkwardly awaiting his death sentence. What was Chris doing? Did he need to use the bathroom?

(5) How is Kaitlyn going to figure out whether any of the relationships are right when every interaction seems overwrought with drama and critical thinking?

(6) When Kaitlyn hands out the roses for the overnight dates, isn’t she really just asking each of the guys if they’ll stay and have sex with her in Cork?

(7) Is anyone else wondering how long it takes Shawn to do his hair? Does he use a hair dryer to puff up the front because it has serious volume?

As for Kaitlyn’s decision to tell Shawn about her Nick sex, I’m not sure what I think about this. For one, if she tells Shawn, shouldn’t she tell everyone else? At least Ben H? Doesn’t he deserve to know too? What did she hope to achieve by telling Shawn this information? She talks about wanting to be honest, but shouldn’t he just assume she’s corking everyone until she’s not? I mean, they know she’s kissing everyone. Is kissing ok, but anything more is not ok? What are the rules here? I think you’re either having physical intimacy with others or you’re not. And it’s always assumed that people do it in the fantasy suite, so what’s the difference if she has sex before the fantasy suite? Or is it just because she had told Shawn that he was THE ONE. Then went and had sex with someone else? I liked how Kaitlyn handled that question from Shawn. She basically admitted to making a mistake in declaring him THE ONE, and that she will be pursuing OTHERS thank you very much. Deal with it or don’t. This guy can NOT handle this process.

Ok, off to bed. Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July weekend!! xoxo

PS – do any of the remaining guys have a chance at a long term relationship with Kaitlyn? Does anyone think that Britt is still together with her long distance Nashville man? Will Kaitlyn announce who she slept with in the overnight dates so that all cards are on the table??


Doubts in Dublin: The Bachelorette Regrets her Actions

Shawn-and-Kaitlyn-Bachelorette-talkWhat a strange season of Bachelorette. The episodes start in the middle, the format of the season is thrown for a loop and our Bachelorette is making some major mistakes. I mean, on the one hand, she’s never been the Bachelorette before so it’s not like she’s got experience.

On the other hand, there are some essential guidelines the leader of this show must always follow: (1) don’t have sex with someone before the fantasy suite dates if you don’t want to feel guilty about it, want others to find out or feel so guilty about it that you end up making sure the others find out; (2) don’t take the initiative to spend off camera time with anyone. It puts the guy  in a strange power position that neither one of you can handle and it’s just as bad as having sex with someone before the fantasy suite date; (3) don’t confess to any of the contestants that HE is YOUR ONE. Because even if he is, it throws off the whole magical formula of the show – which is that nobody can know that you’re in love with them before the very end. Also, if you tell that to someone and then you go ahead and have sex with somebody else or even make out with somebody else – YOUR ONE – is going to become in a mental lockdown that will cause them to self-destruct or become very angry and stern looking. It may cause them to snore in a very unattractive way. I’m telling you, if I was an interested Kaitlyn suitor, I’d tell everybody that I slept with Kaitlyn which would send them all home. Then I’d show Kaitlyn a video of Shawn snoring, which would completely turn her off. It would probably just be down to me and Nick at which point, I’d take him to those cliffs in Ireland and give him a little nudge off the edge.

Speaking off cliffs with sharp edges, I feel so sad for Chris “Cupcake” Dentist. He was always a tad too sensitive for my liking, but he’s completely genuine and I felt horrible for him. Especially once that sob sequence began. They really should plan these dates better. A guy feeling that low should have a harness tethered to something so he can’t throw himself off the edge after getting dumped by the woman he saw as his wife. That chemistry was just never there. We all knew it. But poor Cupcake didn’t know.

Thank goodness that JJ is gone. And how awesome that Kaitlyn got to do this after he admitted that he cheated on his wife. RUN, KAITLYN. You know the expression, “Once a cheater…” I mean, yes, he’s learned from his mistakes. I’m sure he’d never cheat on Clint. At least these two can reunite and explore their love.

I feel bad for Joe Kentucky. He’s another very genuine guy who Kaitlyn has no chemistry with. Joe is saying all the right things. He’s quirky and funny and wears his heart on his sleeve. Kaitlyn needs someone more sophisticated and I just don’t see Joe fitting that bill.

I felt really bad for Ben Z, who I found absolutely charming and wonderful. He’ll be a contender for the next Bachelor, for sure. Along with Handsome Ben H, who I adore and is my #1 pick for next Bachelor. I liked Ben H even more for calling out Kaitlyn on the odd behavior that went on when she went off camera roading with him and Shawn. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he knew something had changed. Smart guy. Intuitive. If he only knew the secrets. I wonder if he’ll stick around once he hears the Nick News. CAN I START MY BEN H FOR BACHELOR CAMPAIGN NOW??!!

As for the Dublin dates – they were beautiful and romantic – but this Dublin week seemed like the longest week of dates EVER. I kept asking The Husband, “Have we left Dublin yet?” I guess we did with the road trip with Jared. I also really like Jared – sincere, up for anything – but again, he’s missing that sophistication / edge that Kaitlyn seems to need. I am really wondering what she sees in the intensity of Shawn – does she really find him handsome? Is his stern nature something that she finds attractive? Maybe Cupcake is correct – maybe Kaitlyn doesn’t know what she needs or wants in a husband. Would she really be this confused, emotionally drained if she had the capability of finding a husband through this process? She does seem a little all over the place. I am rooting for her nonetheless (why not?!) and hope she can get it together.

Other things worth mentioning:

- Nick is like one of 17 kids if I recall correctly from Andi’s season. Ok, maybe more like 9 brothers and sisters, but still a LOT. I hope we get to see his youngest sister again because I remember she was funny and cute and the best part about Nick.

- I really want to meet Ben H’s family. Really just to see what he’s all about so I can pull for him when he’s the next Bachelor

- Kaitlyn is definitely our most daring / sultry Bachelorette when it comes to evening gown wear. Every dress she’s worn has some major sexy element to it (open back, see-through material, etc).

- Tanner who?

- It was such an intense moment when Shawn came to Kaitlyn’s hotel room for the second time to come clean on his feelings (not really sure what we learned the second time around, but ok) and Kaitlyn thought he was going to confront her about the Nick sex thing but really that had nothing to do with it. And it’s not clear whether this made Kaitlyn feel better or worse. But I think everyone can agree that Shawn will need some serious drugs and should NOT be standing near a Cliff or be handling heavy machinery or knives when he finds out that she slept with Nick.

- What would Andi say about Nick getting emotional when he has one on one time with Kaitlyn later on? Are the tears real? They seemed spontaneous to me. Or maybe he’s worried about being the runner up twice in a row. Always a Bachelorette loser, never the Bachelor. Hmmm.

- Ben Z was so big that as he was kissing Kaitlyn, it seemed that his mouth would cover her entire below-nose section of her face. He’s just built like a bear and Kaitlyn is so petite.

- I like Kaitlyn’s hair in a pony tail. She’s never worn it up.

- Kaitlyn’s regret. It’s become another contestant on the show. She regrets her intimate night with Nick. Not because of the sex. But because it disrespects what she had with the other guys. True dat. She also regrets telling Shawn that he was the ONE. So what does a regretful Bachelorette do? Switch up the order of the show! We can’t have a regretful, kissing bandit Bachelorette go meet 4 families. Let’s give her more alone time to feel out these guys (aka – more sex with more guys so they all get equal treatment). Then we’ll trim the fat and only have her meet two people’s families. At this point, Nick has got to be in the final two. If she hasn’t kicked Shawn out yet, he’ll stay until the end (though I still don’t understand her big obsession with him). The chemistry between Kaitlyn and Nick is much easier and natural. Like him or hate him, she LIKES the guy. Or at least she did pre-sex.

Wild card spot goes to Ben H (he’s just so adorable, smart and noble but a bit too vanilla perhaps for Kaitlyn. Also, he’s 26 – which means he may have a bit more living to do before he’s deemed “ready” in Bachelorette speak.

Ok, off to bed. Long day tomorrow. I’ve got to figure out what these guys’ reactions to Kaitlyn will be next week.


Nick Ploughs The Bachelorette’s Lawn in Dublin, Ireland

nickI can just picture my mother-in-law’s face as she watches The Bachelorette tonight. It’s her birthday, by the way, so she probably has way more exciting things to do than watch the show, but I know she’s a loyal fan (Happy birthday!!). I also know that Kaitlyn’s behavior was bugging her BEFORE tonight. After tonight, I’m not even sure how to defend Kaitlyn

So there’s Nick. You either think there’s something “off” about him or you’re willing to give him another chance post-Andi’s season. Or maybe you’re new to this season and don’t understand why everybody hates him so much. And Kaitlyn is giving him absolutely no challenge whatsoever. She brings him to join her show against the wishes of the guys and at the risk of losing their respect. She gives him plenty of attention on the group dates and then gives him the group rose date so he knows he’s not forgotten. Then to fully secure the sentiment that NICK IS HERE TO STAY, she gives him the only one-0n-one date in Dublin. Her actions speak volumes. As if all of these gestures aren’t enough, she goes off script and invites the guy back to her room. And not just for “more time to get to know each other by talking” – Kaitlyn does it for the REAL DEAL. She’s not fooling around. She’s ready to go. And like Nick is going to stop her. They are 100% lusting on each other. They may like each other on an emotional level, but there’s no room to find that out because they can’t keep their hands off each other.

So do we even bother speaking about Ian and his rude, but direct speech to Kaitlyn where he called her shallow, only being there to make out with dudes and that he was sick of all the farting, sex jokes? Ian seemed so sincere when he spoke about the accident he was in and his recovery. A completely different human being. Once he started throwing out tidbits about him being super deep and a former model and a Princeton graduate, it’s like a flip switched and he became an arrogant, self-righteous person.

So let’s say you suddenly realize that you don’t like The Bachelorette. She’s not for you. What do you do? a) wait it out and bide your time to get the most out of the free travel – ultimately realizing that you’ll get sent home b) let the Bachelorette know that you’re not feeling it and that you’re on two different pages and you’d like to go home c) make a complete scene by calling out The Bachelorette as a brainless whore to her face, tell her you’re deeper, make a ploy at becoming the next Bachelor on your limo ride home, then rant that you “can’t wait to have sex,” after you’ve complained that sex is the only thing the other guys talk about. I think he went with “c.” It seems like every week, one of the guys loses it and crashes and burns. This week it was Ian. Good riddance, but you can see his side of it. Nick slickly talks himself into joining the gang. Kaitlyn falls for him head over heels while she makes out with him and everybody else. What is Ian supposed to think? He could have phrased it in a more respectful manner, but I kind of see where he’s coming from.

Dublin seems like an awesome city. Lots of beer drinking. Beautiful churches. The Cranberries (awesome!), Jig dancing and free sex. Well, maybe not so free according to the scenes from next week. And pigeons. So many pigeons. A good friend of mine has a serious fear of birds, so that part cracked me up as I’ve seen how terrifying birds can be to someone scared of them. The Irish wake really disturbed me. Out of all the amazing, unique things they could have done in Ireland, they had to do a fake death ritual? Is this another event evidencing Kaitlyn’s somewhat off sense of humor? Poor Ben Z was obviously not in a place to take such an odd date idea lightly. Particularly when she’s asking each of them to make a funeral like speech about her. Is this the figurative death of the show? I can’t understand who thought this was a good idea (and remotely entertaining).

I was sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering if Nick was going to say something to the other guys about his passionate night. I wonder if any of them will leave once they find out. He only used the word “intimate” to describe his time in the hotel room. You can see Sean’s blood boil from a few feet away. That guy is on the verge of cracking. How can he hear about the Nick / Kaitlyn hotel fling and not explode? He’s like a ticking time bomb.

Some additional thoughts on the night:

  • Jared is the dark horse here. He looks so young and boyish, it’s hard to picture him as ready to settle down, but he seems very serious about Kaitlyn and she’s into him. But how could she not want that romantic candlelit church / Cranberries concert time with Hot Ben from Denver? I think The Husband and I both have a crush on him at this point. Or Ben Z who needed a serious pick me up? Or even Sean who was having a hissy?
  • Nick should never wear bowties. It just makes him look creepier than his already questionable personae.
  • I think Nick is enjoying his “power position,” and using tricks he’s seen on former Bachelor seasons – like when Emily Maynard was traveling with her guys abroad and they kept pushing her up against walls in foreign cities to make out with her. That’s a power move. Nick used it and was proud of himself. Smirk and all.
  • I was kind of sad to see the Woody from Cheers welder guy go home. He was innocent and goofy, even if he did say all the wrong things to Kaitlyn.
  • Seriously, can she just send Ben H home now so he can start preparing for a more civilized, less horny season of The Bachelor?
  • At least Kaitlyn admits she’s a “make-out bandit.” She’s very open about intimacy and sex being a big part of a relationship, so she’s testing the waters early.
  • Kind of loved all the random moaning and camera footage of the closed bedroom door in Caitlyn’s hotel room. Especially when the scene ended with a shot of a bursting fountain. This show is ridiculous but it cracks me up.
  • What is Kaitlyn’s mother thinking while watching tonight’s episode?
  • peter-stormare-blond-villain-in-Fargo-jew-hollywoodThe angrier Sean gets, the more like Fargo’s Peter Stormare he looks. I’m pretty certain he’s going to tackle or murder someone at this point.

So what do you think? Are you still hopeful there can be a happy ending? If she can tame the Nick lust factor, disclose and somehow get away with revealing to the other guys that she boned Nick and control her hormones slightly, Kaitlyn might actually find a lasting emotional connection with Jared, Sean or the Bens. JJ just needs to leave already. I don’t really think about the rest. Except I like hearing Kentucky speak. The dentist is too effeminate for me. Who’s Tanner?

What do you think?