The Men Tell All on The Bachelorette

andiNot sure tonight’s episode warrants more than ten minutes of writing as time means sleep these days and I don’t get enough of either. I can’t even get into how ridiculous the JJ vs. Andrew racism debate was. Clearly it was the ONLY controversial subject of the entire season and they had to draw it out as much as possible. I do believe that Andrew’s remarks have cut into his personal life. I do think Marquel handled the whole situation as graciously as possible. I don’t like that Farmer Chris or the Basketball Coach felt the need to voice their opinions on this one – not their battle. Don’t really have anything more to say about this, except that it’s really embarrassing for Andrew whether he said it or not because he’ll be labeled a racist forever.

Completely absurd that Ashley and JP felt the need to find out the sex of their baby on TV. That’s a pretty private moment that I hope they found out about first before pretending to find out with everyone else. Feel like these two keep popping up at reunion shows. A move to Miami is pretty drastic. Wonder if they were fighting too much because of being trapped inside during a cold winter. Warm weather and a baby won’t resolve their issues if that’s the case. It’ll just be really hot when they’re changing diapers and up all night. Ashley seems like the controlling, Type A personality in this pair. Didn’t exactly get the warm and fuzzies from watching them together, but maybe I’m imagining things.

I fast forwarded through almost every other conversation that took place. Very glad that Marquel and Marcus are going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Pretty sick of Michelle Money and Chris B (guy who showed up unannounced on Andi’s season) and have zero interest in seeing them clamor for attention.

Was so hoping they would interview Farmer Chris tonight and announce him as Bachelor, but I’m sure that’s coming at the Live portion of the After the Final Rose. It really can’t be anyone else. Nick’s got too many people thinking he’s shady. I was shopping for clothes this afternoon and a woman overheard me telling a friend that I had to get home for The Bachelorette. She shouted at me from across the store, “Who do you think she’s going to pick?” When I said, “Josh,” she said, “Yeah, that other guy is too strange.” That seems to be the general consensus, plus it’s never a good sign when the majority of the other contestants don’t like you for whatever reason. Andi’s thinking of every reason not to choose Josh because she’s scared of baseball players, but in the end, she’ll go with her heart and I think that’s with Josh.

Strangest part of the night (besides Andrew accidentally referring to Ron (the OTHER African American) instead of Marquel) was the woman who came out of the audience to meet Farmer Chris and do a speed date with him. As The Husband put it, “this show is becoming a carnival.” So true.

I was really hoping that all of the guys unanimously agreed that Andi’s “STAHHHHHP” was incredibly annoying but they never gave us the results of that. No idea what the deal was with that letter Chris H left for Andi from one of her final guys. When was that filmed? Does anyone care? ‘Nuff said about tonight. 

We’ve been trying to get Ellie to take regular naps during the day. She’s exhausted as hell but fights us every time. She’ll sleep in the stroller, sometimes in the swing but never in the crib. Then she’s crabby like nothing I’ve ever seen before between 4 and 6:30 PM. To the point where I question if she’s going to have a testy personality when she’s older. There’s no consoling her during that time. Even Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson dance parties only temporarily console her before her wailing continues. She does do long stretches of sleep at night in the crib, so we’re grateful for that.

Time for bed. Promised myself that this show would not keep me up past 11 PM and so far, I’m on track. Little girl will have me up in 7 hours, so every second counts.

Night, night.


Paradise at the Paradisus: The Bachelorette Picks Her Final Two for Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates

The Millionaire Farmer Bachelor?

The Millionaire Farmer Bachelor?

I think we’ve found our next Bachelor, Folks! I’m ready to move on from this season and follow that hot farmer back to Iowa to find him the perfect wife and daughter-in-law for that darling mother of his. Finally, Andi admitted what we all knew from day one: She’s not meant to be a homemaker / farmer’s wife. I give her credit for rejecting the opportunity to take that sweet, handsome man to the fantasy suite.

Not much to point out in this episode other than the following:

  • Josh has perfect teeth and possibly waxed eyebrows. Because he’s dark and olive skinned and typically men with his coloring have lots of body hair and he just seems so perfectly groomed that I’d be shocked if he didn’t naturally have a unibrow. He was giddy as a schoolboy on that baseball field and devilishly handsome. But it must be frustrating for Andi, who is very analytical, to try and get a serious, deep side out of Josh. He just seems like a happy go lucky, lusty kind of fellow that lives in the moment. 
  • The Paradisus in the Dominican Republic is supposed to be fantastic. Five star, top of the line, very expensive / all inclusive. I wonder if they always have tikki torches set up with fancy private dinners or if the producers set this up. It looks beautiful regardless, especially the fantasy suite that she was in with Josh. I’d like to be transplanted there tomorrow with The Husband. And Wally. And the baby too, I guess, if we had someone who could let me sleep in one of those awesome beds.
  • Farming could be in my blood too. I just don’t know it yet. If I moved to Iowa, I’d never want to be a lawyer. I’d build a Field of Dreams and have Kevin Costner come guest host barbecues and we’d have batting practice in the corn fields.
  • I feel like Chris the Farmer has a very slight resemblance to Chris Harrison. Maybe it’s their head shape and coloring? Maybe it’s just their name?
  • Nick seems extremely intense and serious around Andi. She’s almost freaked out by it. He was clearly babbling to tell her something on their private island beach trip and she’d rather go snorkeling. Then when both Nick and Josh finally admit that they love her, she gets the same large kid grin like she’s scored a victory from each.
  • Iowa aside, Andi’s just not that into Chris. What she really wants is Josh’s personality with Nick’s passion / mental connection combined with Chris’s professional success.
  • Do we think Andi slept with both Nick and Josh? Do we care? Did the aphrodisiac work that Josh consumed?
  • There seemed to be way too much recap of her relationships with these guys, more recaps of these relationships with Chris Harrison and just general filler. Speaking of filler…The Men Tell All will feature no interesting insights at all except if they tell us who our next Bachelor is.
  • Andi went from refusing to wear anything but a one piece on the Juan Pablo season to fully going full bikini on a towel on the beach.
  • It would be awesome if she became Andi Murray. They could do a whole British tennis theme hashtag for their wedding.

In other news:

- Renee Oteri (one of the single moms from Juan Pablo’s season) not only got married a couple months ago, but announced this week that she is PREGNANT. Due in January. Congrats to her!!!

- The cast of Bachelor in Paradise was announced. Highlights include Michelle Money and Graham Bunn (who is 36 and way too old to compete on this show any more though he’s a nice guy), Crazy Michelle Kujawa who needs shock therapy based on her last appearance on both Jake Pavelka’s season and Bachelor Pad, Season 1, Marquel, Marcus, Cody and Tasos from Andi’s season (some will be disappointed that Marquel and Marcus will not be the next Bachelor, but I’m psyched that this makes the Farmer even closer to claiming the title). We’ve got CLARE from Juan Pablo’s season!!! Oh and AshLee Frazier who was on Sean Lowe’s season and was a Personal Organizer. Rumor had it she dated Brad Womack for a bit, but they broke up. I honestly don’t know that I can right a very detailed blog post of that show but I’ll definitely watch and make some basic commentary. Hope someone else out there will watch too.

- Ashley Hebert posted pictures of herself at 25 weeks pregnant with hubby JP Rosenbaum. She’s due in October.

In non-Bachelor related news:

I’m still exhausted. Ellie turned 4 months last Thursday. She’s rolling over and giggling a bunch. She’s also regularly getting up at 3 AM to scream for an hour before she tires herself out. It’s not fun. Our poor neighbors. We finally took Wally for a check up at the vet and he’s put on some of my pregnancy weight.

And that’s all. Who do you think she’ll go with?


The Bachelorette: Hometown Dates, Tragedy and a Hot Farmer

Final Four

Final Four

The dog is snoring next to me which is a sure sign that The Bachelorette was just on. Hometown Dates is usually one of my favorite episodes of the season as it’s always fascinating to see where each of the final four come from, but Wally and The Husband disagree. The Husband completely zoned out by Marcus’s date and even had the gall to ask me to recap it for him. Um, that’s what the DVR and this blog is for, Honey.

Before I comment on the dates, just wanted to take a moment to discuss the way that Eric Hill’s death was revealed on the show. It seemed really unnecessary to film an entire 2 minutes of all the guys waiting for Andi’s arrival to give them all the news at Chris Harrison’s house. Though truthfully, I’ve always wanted to see Chris Harrison’s house (but not for this reason of course). It also seemed that the way Chris H presented the “issue” to the guys before Andi arrived that the news had something to do with Andi (she realized she’s not interested in any of them OR she decided that she wants to start dating Chris Harrison – I kind of expected her to come out of his bedroom wearing a bathrobe or something). I guess this footage really gave us a raw view at how shocked, devastated and emotional that everybody was over Eric’s death. Andi did really regret her last interaction with Eric, which at the time, seemed wildly immature on her part.  It did seem rather petty to have a rose ceremony just 24 hours after learning of Eric’s death, but I guess delaying the process was not an option. I really hope that Eric’s family is doing ok as he seemed like such a unique and genuinely nice person.

As for the dates, the following stood out for me:

(1) I had no idea that Nick had like 10 siblings. Or 9? Are they all from the same set of parents? The youngest one, Bella, stole the show for me. I loved her questions for Andi and loved even more that she couldn’t remember the answers to them when Nick asked her. Maria seemed smart to question whether he could actually have the feelings for Andi that he claimed to. It’s like every contestant that’s made it this far has gone completely insane and their closest family members are trying to get them to reclaim their brain cells. Nick is still sporting that ridiculous scarf which just makes him look like a poet of some sort.

(2) How can you not love Chris the Farmer? Can Andi just dump him already so he can be our next Bachelor? I’d love for him to find a Farmer’s wife. Coast to Coast search for the Farmer’s wife! He’d be perfect. I just loved his family and 3 blonde sisters. Love that we learn how successful Chris has been. I loved his farm house with very modern appliances. I love that he tried to convince Andi that she’d be thrilled to be a homemaker or could practice law in Iowa (not going to happen). He’s adorable and could give Andi a nice and simple life. She’d be bored to tears in a matter of minutes. And how long can he really listen to her pretend to be excited with her, “Shut-Ups” at seeing a tractor. How else did she think he got around on the farm than with a tractor? Why is she so shocked that it has big wheels?

(3)  Andi hunts? And her family has a lake house in Alabama? Maybe she’s not Jewish after all.

(4) I was pretty certain that Josh would be the one going home tonight. The Husband informed me that Josh’s brother, Aaron Murray, was drafted in the fifth round by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the starting quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs before that. So Andi’s options are to be a homemaker on a farm or to follow Josh’s brother around to football games in Kansas City every Sunday? I don’t think she’ll go for either of these options after being The Bachelorette. I noticed a borderline pout when the conversation at Josh’s family’s house was not 100% focused on her and Josh. I still don’t know how deep his emotions run. But he’s got a very attractive brother and mother and still has the best teeth this season.

(5) I was embarrassed for Marcus and his strip tease for Andi. I’m sure that was 100% the producers’ suggestion but it just felt icky. What I was surprised about was how much Andi went on about Marcus’s “hotness.” And she fully admits that he’d adore her. And she’s attracted to him intellectually. So what’s the problem? He dropped the I Love Yous too early. I think she was definitely into him until he kept laying it on. It was literally every other sentence that he said to her.

(6) I loved Andi’s hair in the rose ceremony tonight – all loose waves. You know she was way too comfortable with Marcus’s family by the fact that she wore a pony tail. I like that Andi hasn’t been wearing too many pairs of ridiculous shoes. She sported Converse sneakers for her date with Josh.

(7) Every guy was in tears this episode. Have there ever been a final four so in love with The Bachelorette? Each is ready to propose.

I’m getting anxious for the overnight fantasy dates because Andi is probably the only person in the show’s history who uses this opportunity to get to know the people. She’s not afraid to call them out if it goes poorly (like with Juan Pablo). So tragedy aside, tonight’s episode was more interesting than not interesting, but mostly because the families all seemed great.

Chris the Farmer is coming from behind but really hoping he doesn’t make it any further because I want him as our next Bachelor. “The Farmer and the Belle” – I can already see the trailers for his season. I think her heart is telling her to go for Josh (she’s still seriously attracted to him), but her head is saying that Nick or Chris are better options for a long term relationship. What do you think?



A Big Change, A Big Chance…

Me & My New Boss

Me & My New Boss

And so the day has finally come. I was due back at work today. My maternity leave is officially OVER. As the days wound down and I got closer to returning to my 3+ hour commute to/from a job at a company that’s going through a lot of uncertainty right now – I found myself getting more and more anxious. The thought of being in a different state from my baby and needing to depend on the very unreliable Metro North commuter train back to my baby in case of an emergency made my stomach turn. I pictured dark mornings where I’d be out the door at 6:45 AM and getting home at the usual 6:45 PM or later and not seeing her during the work week.

I couldn’t do it.

I’m not a risk taker. Getting a regular paycheck is a big deal for me. And a 401K because I’d like to retire one day. And health benefits because Lord knows I use them. And this baby seems to be at the doctor every other week with something. But because I’m not a risk taker, I’ve always been a big saver. And because I was working at Lehman Brothers before, during and after the bankruptcy, I’ve learned that even the safest companies can blow up and leave you jobless in the blink of an eye. So I’ve been squirreling away money, when possible, for a rainy day.

Last week, I finally gave my notice. I will not be returning to my legal job. After 12+ years as a lawyer with a steady paycheck, I will be venturing into the unknown. Headfirst into motherhood, freelance writing and whatever comes next. I’ve gone on some interviews for traditional legal jobs and we’ll see if they pan out. I’ve also been so excited about writing for ThoughtCatalog. I’m not ruling anything out – but am just trying to find something sustainable and enjoyable that Ellie can be proud of me for doing one day. And I’d like to be home and PRESENT with her as much as possible. That’s the challenge. Because now that maternity leave is over and there’s no more regular paycheck coming in, I find myself nervously searching LinkedIn for job opportunities and frantically looking for part time childcare to give myself the time to pursue these freelance opportunities. Then Ellie cries like babies do and I find myself getting frustrated with her. It’s not her fault. She needs and deserves attention.

There is no way I could have made this decision without the support of The Husband. You know you’ve married the right guy when he tells you that 1) You deserve to take some time off and figure out something enjoyable to do professionally. It’s worth the financial risk 2) Being stressed every day at an intense legal job is not healthy and he’d rather us have less money and see me be less stressed and 3) He’s got health insurance that Ellie and I can be a part of.

I know how lucky we are to be in a position to choose whether to go back to work or not temporarily. But I also know that I’ve been thinking about this decision about whether to return to work or not since before we had Ellie. It’s an impossible choice as once you’re a mother, you’ve always got a new boss that competes with every single thing you do from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. I’ve already been battling these competing demands. Do I eat breakfast or do I stop Ellie from crying? Do I shower or should I just get Ellie out for a walk so she can nap? Do I change my pants or do I wear them for the fifth day in row because she’s going to spit up on them anyway? How on earth am I going to find time to write a cover letter for a job when I’m competing with a baby that naps and screams in 10 minute increments? Then the end of the day comes and I’m so tired that writing or looking for jobs seems like a far off ambitious, unattainable goal.

So here goes nothing. I’m officially a Freelance Writer & Mother. Or Mother Writer. I’m no longer disguised as a lawyer – it’s all out there for the world to see. If you find me walking a screaming baby down the street and I’ve got a sports bra on under a tank top and the same running shorts I’ve worn all week because being parenthood seems to be an athletic event these days, worthy of workout clothes – please don’t be grossed out. If you see me on my iPhone as I’m sitting in Starbucks while my baby naps in her stroller, it’s a good day. It’s a work in progress, this new motherhood thing. I’m taking each day as it comes and hope that this decision, this BIG decision which has taken me weeks, no Months…actually YEARS to make – will be the right one for our family down the road.

There’s no job in the world worth doing that keeps me from seeing my Ellie every day. And if I don’t pursue my writing now, when exactly is that going to happen?

Ok, my new project (Ellie) is screaming down the hall, which means it’s just about bath time for the boss. She’ll be 4 months on Thursday and we’re going for more shots and a check up. No idea where this time went, but am so grateful for the chance to put things on hold a bit longer while I search for an agreeable work / life balance. It’s a scary new mommy world out there, but I’m ready to see where it takes me.


Everyone’s Falling in Love with The Bachelorette in Brussels

Can you feel the heat from this slow dance between Josh and Andi?

Can you feel the heat from this slow dance between Josh and Andi?

I’m a bit distracted right now. Baby girl is finally logging in some great night sleeping patterns (9 – 10 hour stretches) but her napping is atrocious unless we are in a car which is not often. It’s been a very long day with a very cranky baby in between her feedings. She used to love her naps and now no matter where I put her (crib, swing, stroller, etc.) she fights it. Any advice? I’m also sad because we just put out an offer to a great nanny for a regular part time schedule and she accepted a full time offer with another family. Boooooo.

But let’s put this all aside to analyze tonight’s Bachelorette. To be completely honest, for the first time EVER, I forgot the show was on. No joke. This is how tired I am. Or a reflection of the season perhaps? Tonight’s episode was at least a bit more interesting because with the exception of Dylan who desperately needs a haircut, EVERY SINGLE GUY ADMITTED TO FALLING IN LOVE with Andi. How did she do it? How does this happen?

Belgium was all about feminine manly scarfs and solid color hoodies. Were these given out to each remaining guy as they boarded the plane for Brussels? There was also a lot of manly pink (Marcus wore a hot pink shirt and Dylan wore salmon colored pants). Interesting style choices.

I felt that all of the individual dates tonight were pretty similar. Let’s explore Brussels and then go for a schmancy dinner. Marcus seems like a stand up gentleman with a lot to offer and Andi sees him for what he’s worth. He almost comes off as “too nice” but not in a Brian the Basketball coach kind of way, just in that he’s confessed heavily how much he loves her and I’m not sure Andi’s feeling have had time to catch up. We learn that Marcus journals and that his family life is a bit messy and yet Andi sees him as “resilient.” At the end of their date, I thought she had to choose Marcus.

Until Nick sneaks off to see her…

Ok, so Nick is pegged as this season’s villain. I understand – in comparison to the farmer, happy go lucky jock Josh, the basketball coach and brooding Dylan, Nick’s a bit more calculating, over-confident and aggressive. Cocky too. But I don’t think he’s as horrible as they’ve all made him out to be. He’s going after the “prize” and having success. Of course the others will have some sour grapes over that. He got the first impression rose and she gave him the group date rose after Basketball Coach confessed his love. Nick and Andi have something together that she doesn’t have with anyone else. They’re already talking children. He’s by far the front runner.

After Andi’s interactions with Marcus and Nick, I didn’t think Josh stood a chance. She seemed very iffy about him throughout their date UNTIL Josh admitted to falling in love. Then it’s like some sort of magical wand cast a spell over Andi and she instantly lit up and was all into him again. He’s clearly the charming hunk of the remaining guys and Andi just needed an excuse to believe he’s deeper than his pretty face. Not sure we got confirmation of that, but he’s definitely cute enough to go to hometowns with.

This is the first season where it’s pretty easy to figure out who Andi is sending home. I knew Brian the Innocent Basketball Coach was not sophisticated enough for Andi. She likes the more aggressive types. Which is why Chris the Farmer got that last rose. But as we’ll see next week, there is no career or long term interest for her on the farm and so he will be the next to go.

The Husband’s doing laundry. I’ve got to go find a new nanny. Big announcement coming soon.

Some other quick thoughts about Belgium:

(1) I love that Andi wears ponytails on dates when she’s supposed to be “fancy.” But leather leggings – not a fan.

(2) Tonight’s rose ceremony dress needed a bit more glitz. Just kidding. It was out of control and kind of reminded me of something that a grandmother would wear to a black tie wedding.

(3) Chris the Farmer would make a great Bachelor. Handsome and he’s looking for a homemaker wife to milk some cows with. Plus he’s already using Bachelor language of “Nick’s not here for the right reasons.”

(4) The moonlight kissing scenes of Andi and Josh combined with the passionate music playing made it seem like a staged soap opera.

(5) There was an obscene amount of Andi pouts tonight.

(6) At one point, Josh led Andi through a church in Belgium where he lit a candle. Andi seemed emotionless (Josh hadn’t busted out his falling in love speech at this point) but I was wondering whether she felt uncomfortable at all since I suspect she is of a Jewish background.

(7) The monastery group date was rather odd considering we didn’t see a single monk and the highlight seemed to be a separate pottery barn (which did not look at all like Pottery Barn) where Chris hoped to create the scene from Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Is this what monks do all day? And how much did Andi LOVE saying that they were on “sacred ground” when Nick wanted to kiss her there later on? I found this to be annoying.

So that’s all for Belgium and just like that – we’re on to hometown dates. I am going to put next week’s episode on my calendar so I can’t forget. That’s what it’s come to. Reminding myself to watch. UGH.

If you haven’t check out my latest Thought Catalog articles – here they are:

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Enjoy the week!


What Lies in Venice, Andi the Bachelorette Tests Her Men

The Husband was blowing on my face to keep me awake this episode. It was a VERY long day with the baby. She’s doing this really uncute thing of waking up between 1 and 4 AM several times for the last two weeks out of nowhere. Please forgive typos and grammar mistakes. One of my eyes is 3/4 shut and I can’t get it to open anymore.

In no particular order…

Why is the room where Chris Harrison and Andi have their deep chat full of a roaring romantic fire and candles (I have no recollection of what she said to Chris because the Husband elbowed me to wake me up during this scene too). I was wondering if Andi came to some realization that she wasn’t interested in any of the guys and had pulled Chris aside to confess her feelings for him. Such a strange set up for a platonic conversation.

Was Andi wearing a “skort” on her date with Blonde Biceps, otherwise known as Cody? Are skorts back? The Husband thought she had a wedgie the whole date and I was telling him (when my eyes were open) that this was a skirt / shorts combo thing. I know that Andi likes Cody’s “eyes” but was I the only one that was wondering how on earth he got this far and whether he was actually straight? My cousin, who is gay, is very convinced that Cody may be on his team, which I fully agree with. He seemed like a nice guy, but there was no chance that Andi was ever interested in him.

Josh is killing his chances. What was his problem with the lie detector test? Does he protest too much? What exactly was he worried about? He doesn’t seem smart enough for Andi.

What is the other guys’ problem with Nick? I can usually see what the majority hates about a person, but not really seeing it too clearly with Nick. Yes, he’s smug and perhaps overconfident in his relationship with Andi, but he’s also the most articulate of the group. Marcus is already in the zone of chest hair and confessing his love. Not sure he’s capable of talking about anything else, like whether he prefers mustard and ketchup on his hot dog. He needs to take it down a notch. But he’s sincere and classy and the only other one that comes close to being a contender for Andi.

I still love Chris the Farmer and his secret admirer love notes. He has the cutest smile. Andi may like him but there’s still no chance in hell she’d be willing to be a farmer’s wife. How will she keep her hair so shiny on a farm? I feel bad for Brian because he’s so obviously a small town good guy and Andi may like him but she’s not in love with him. Poor Dylan seems too sad to have any real chance with Andi. Does he ever smile?

So basically, I can only see her with Nick, Marcus and Josh. She can’t trust Josh, so it will come down to Nick and Marcus.

Other thoughts: Venice is awesome. Andi loves to play with her hair, which is very shiny. The Andi pouting was out of control this episode and it needs to stop. Masquerade dates are really stupid. I kind of wanted the gondola driver to wack Nick and Andi in the head while they were kissing. The lie detector date was completely disappointing considering that they are in the most romantic city in the world and couldn’t come up with anything better to do there than stick them in a dungeon looking place and give them a test that could be done in any other place in the world. As for Cody’s date – I went to Verona and to that actual balcony where Andi was looking down from. What they didn’t show was a life size golden statue of Juliette that was beneath the balcony. The statue is no longer gold because time and the environment has darkened it. The one part of the Juliette statue that’s still golden is an exposed “tit.” It’s gold because people touch it for good luck and the oils of their hands keep it to its original color somehow. I guess ABC decided to edit this out. Too bad as it would have been the most interesting part of their date.

Was not surprised that JJ and his bow ties were sent home. Cody should have been sent home at week 2. He’s a nice guy, but not for Andi.

Not much else to say. Except that these episodes are the longest 2 hours EVER. I’ve never had trouble staying up before but then again, I’ve never had a baby during a Bach season.

Leaving you with pics of my baby Bachelorette. She’s 15 weeks today. Goodnight for now.

This shirt lasted 4 minutes before Ellie decided to share her breakfast with it.

This shirt lasted 4 minutes before Ellie decided to share her breakfast with it.

I took Ellie to a friend's house that had a pool today. This is her first bathing suit.

I took Ellie to a friend’s house that had a pool today. This is her first bathing suit.